Heartstopper: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Heartstopper: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nick, Charlie and the gang return as they journey through the next chapter of life, love and friendship. 🍂

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Heartstopper: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

With exams, a school trip to Paris and prom on the horizon, Nick, Charlie and the gang must navigate the next stages of life, love and friendship.

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32 Responses

  1. Enrico says:

    The “Oh you’re being gay. Good job, carry on” line made it into the show YES 😭

  2. Cats Can Game says:

    I love when Nick is talking to Elle and he says “You don’t have to understand your feelings completely. You don’t always have to feel everything out; you just, feel.”

    • Claire says:

      I am definitely putting that on my quote wall<33

    • isabella b. says:

      Honestly, it seems like this show is going to tackle coming out in a compassionated, nuanced way, which I really appreciate. I love how gentle everything is :’)

      Also, I love your profile picture! Horimiya is such a wholesome love story 😀

  3. JeffWasFree says:

    “I want you to come out when and how you want to.”
    If that wasn’t a gut punch to the fandom for pushing Kit out, idk what is.
    Such an incredible trailer! I’m ready for ALL these feels! 💞

  4. Dolly Bear says:

    This trailer is literally giving me a panic attack from being so cute yet, so chaotic at the same time I just can’t feel I need to rewatch it because I was just panicking for the cuteness the first time. And Elle is SO pretty in season

  5. João Vitor Machado says:

    Estou muito preparado para essa temporada meu Deus ❤❤❤

  6. Emma M says:

    Honestly, I feel like the world needs season two of Heartstopper. The wholesomeness and cuteness could bring everyone’s happy bar up again. I know the show might not be for everyone, but maybe we’ll be able to spread that happiness to others. ❤

  7. sophia isabelle says:

    These two have now reunited and we couldn’t imagine another wholesome story to be presented in this format. Nick and Charlie are simply meant to be, as if they’re tied together by a string of fate.

  8. Emily says:

    The warm hug that Nick gives to Charlie is a perfect thing for me.😭😍

  9. Patrick says:


  10. GloriaEvans • Nude Yoga says:

    don’t get me wrong i absolutely love nick and charlie. BUT IM MOST EXCITED ABOUT SEASON TWO FOR THE TEACHERS

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