I played Elden Ring for 30 hours… my thoughts

I played Elden Ring for 30 hours… my thoughts

Elden Ring is good. Bandai Namco invited me to play the Elden Ring network test a few days early, so I took full advantage of the opportunity. Here are my thoughts after playing for way too long.

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twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/iron_pineapple

0:00 intro
1:29 tutorial cave/new mechanics
3:27 outside/horse boss
5:11 ash of war & weapon arts
6:10 crafting
6:56 leveling & stats
7:54 exploring/stealth/sleep arrows
8:53 horse gameplay
10:29 open world design
12:21 power stance
12:55 more combat mechanics
14:07 magic
15:20 “hey, that’s pretty neat”
16:26 other new mechanics
17:04 main path & main boss
17:57 online basics/changes
19:22 co-op
20:21 new invasion mechanics
21:28 summoning pools
21:47 pvp meta discussion
24:18 closing thoughts

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41 Responses

  1. Strakk says:

    “Feel free to die in a ditch somewhere.” Ah yes… I longed for the return of such inspiring dialogue from a FromSoft game

  2. Dolan Darker says:

    You know a game is gonna be good when they give beta access this early, rare sight these days

    • Vlanson says:

      From soft being the best!

    • Capt. Wispy says:

      you know it duck

    • Andrew Hoskins says:

      “This early,” as if it isn’t releasing in 3 months, a typical amount of time for a beta test.

      But I agree, this game looks like perfection!

    • ManofVGames12 says:

      @Andrew Hoskins I think the main surprise is the beta actually seeming to be release-quality, with so many releases lately being barely beta-quality

    • Alfred Hitchcook says:

      I mean it’s only 3 months out from the current release date. Seems pretty standard for an online game. And let’s not forget it’s open world, so they have to give more than a week to work out the thousands of bugs and glitches that are bound to be found in the relatively small area available to play

  3. Ashscar 88 says:

    On the co-op aspect, are you able to summon friends into your world even when all available bosses are cleared? Might be fun chilling together with buddies without being restricted by that one hurdle from past FromSoft games.

    • NoodleKeeper says:

      Since there are so many overworld minibosses, I imagine that that’s going to take forever to achieve, so is not really an issue to worry about.

    • dimyell says:

      It seems unconnected form bosses, as you can summon seemingly anywhere on the map.

      Which may be why you can’t invade solo players anymore

  4. Maxamili says:

    I’m so happy that poise is back. It gives you a reason to mix and match armor sets. I remember spending so much time in dks1 trying on different armor pieces trying to hit certain poise break points.

    • Meito Miyazaki says:

      Love your pennywise and Kermit videos didn’t know you were a fan of souls games that’s epic

    • Doge Bestest says:

      Can’t bloody wait

    • Mart K says:

      The legend will be back.

    • Detective Olivaw says:

      I’m stoked for it from a PvE perspective too! The lack of it in anything outside of DS1 really punished heavy armor builds, which felt really limiting. If poise is back and I can tank through certain boss hits and stuff? Hell yeah.

    • Sound Illusions says:

      I always wanted more freedom of customization in From games. I hate the fact that you constantly have to worry about fat rolling which makes heavier armor sets obsolete in PvE and PvP in all the games. I want more freedom to play with that without heavy gameplay penalties as part of the RPG aspect of it. More freedom with classes, armor and skill sets will be a great addition to this game.

  5. Carlos Oramas Ramos says:

    Elden ring has the potential to be the equivalent to what Monster hunter World represented for the souls series

    A combination of almost any good feature the past games had, with a lot more open experience and focused on removing every innecesary little mechanic that was holding the games back from being more mainstream

    I really hope Elden ring becomes a massive hit

    • Richard smith says:

      Monster hunter world was not open world…..

    • MrInuhanyou123 says:

      Dark souls 3 sold 10 million copies. From is already in mainstream. There’s just a inevitable barrier to core gaming here

    • Iceran says:

      @Richard smith hes talking on a more “metaphorical” level, monster hunter was a very niche series on the west, after moster hunter world it became main stream.

      Hes basically hoping that elden ring brings the players who were afraid to play the souls games because of all the strange mechanics and very punishing gameplay

    • Gregarious salsa says:

      @Richard smith they just mean that before world, every time you were looking for a monster, you’d have to sit through a few seconds of loading screens between each area and world was the first one to remove that and have seamless integration between areas. Much more like an open world game than previous mh games

    • The Sus says:

      @Iceran I think that this will be a lot more easy to get into for non-souls fans, or people that found the game too hard, but I don’t think this will be a mainstream hit. Now if I am wrong, I’m wrong, but I seriously don’t think it will be. What do the mainstream eat up?

      Amazing visuals. While this games visuals are pleasing, it looks dated before release. The texture detail is lacking, and the lighting isn’t as stark/impressive as many modern games. I mean compare this to Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 2, or any mainstream game that came out in the last 4 years is either on par or better looking.

      As for gameplay, I don’t think many people in the mainstream enjoy brutally hard/challenging games.

      Most people are interested in gunplay rather than swordplay.

      The only thing that will make this mainstream if it does go mainstream is the hype around such a title. “Elden Ring” has been hyped up by many since its reveal trailer. That will be the only thing that could bring this game into the forefront.

      I mean the whole Souls series sold 27 million, including the remaster. That’s a whole series of games, that sold for about as much as RDR2, less than Skyrim, about a quarter as much as GTA:V, less than a quarter of Minecraft… Compared to Monster Hunter World the series only got 7 million above that single games sales. Less sales than: Duck Hunt, Wii Play, Pokémon Gold / Silver / Crystal, Human: Fall Flat, The Witcher 3, Diablo III, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Terraria, Mario Kart Wii… For a whole series to be outsold like that… Is Elden Ring really going to go mainstream? The next question is: does it matter if it does or doesn’t?

  6. Daleo dorito says:

    Not gonna lie, hearing you saying this game is just good is such a relief you couldn’t even believe
    And the fact that you just saying that is enough for me to know that the game is gonna be good is also impresive, good job man

  7. Grobzoula says:

    “Dark Souls 1 poise seems to be back”


  8. Active Vertex says:

    Ymfah 2 weeks after launch: “How to beat elden ring with only sleep arrows”

  9. Cinders says:

    The fact that Fromsoft is giving beta access this early and allowing people to post content freely is a good sign, it means they’re absolutely comfortable with people freely voicing their opinions and giving their criticisms, as well as showing they’re quite proud of what they’ve done so far

    • Art Shogun says:

      Not only that but I’m sure for the developers it’s a great way to spot any game breaking shit people are gonna find

    • zascoco says:

      it’s the complete opposite of cyberpunk.

    • Hasshodo says:

      @zascoco Because CDPR brass knew it wasn’t finished but their bonuses were on the line to launch on time – despite every dev in the building screaming at them not to. Game studios who choose money over quality, lose every time

  10. Cybershell says:

    15:57 that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

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