Sand Planet

Sand Planet

You’ll never find a more sandy planet of sand.

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33 Responses

  1. D. W. says:

    Holy shit that actually is Justin Roiland.

  2. Ramsey Dewey says:

    I’m hoping this becomes a trilogy… and then a trilogy of trilogies.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    This is just confirmation that everything is an episode of interdimensional cable

  4. Goat-on-a-Stick says:

    PP-88: Tell me your warranty is expired without telling me your warranty is expired

  5. Thomas S says:

    Wow, Joel has become more powerful than I can imagine.

  6. Berd says:

    i love pp hes the best

  7. parrata says:

    “Cool, Joel managed to do a great Justin Roiland impersonation!” -Me, a fool, and a coward.

  8. Ben Strehlow says:

    “Wow, that sounds just like a Rick and Morty character” quickly became “Wow, that is Justin Roiland”

    Look at Joel rubbing shoulders with the big dogs now 😉

    • GuyNamedSean says:

      As soon as PP-88 started speaking Basic, I knew that it had to be Justin Roiland. No one can imitate him that well.

    • CuteBabySeal says:

      I had the same experience rofl.

      I was like “WTF where did they find someone who sound just like Justin Roiland” and by the end I was like “HOLY SHIT THAT’S JUSTIN ROILAND”

  9. phatmemes says:

    “He’s got the exact same, shitty family spirit.”
    “I wasted so much time avoiding water on hydron 6, im so dumb, kill me.”

  10. One Topic At A Time says:

    If I lived on a planet of sand I’d be SO stoked for anything new on the horizon — whether that was a caravan of droids or the empire.
    *wow! Look at THESE droids!*

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