I Stayed in Luxury Tiny Homes

I Stayed in Luxury Tiny Homes

i love tiny homes!!!!!! — huge thanks to air up® for sponsoring this video! seriously, don’t forget to get yours right now using my code TINY for 10% off all orders: https://airup.link/RyanTrahan

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23 Responses

  1. shadeslayer says:

    Ryan is just a masterfully creative person. I can’t believe how he makes seemingly mundane topics so entertaining

  2. Chris Nielsen says:

    Everything this man does by himself, he knows he’s never alone and speaking to millions. That must feeling empowering considering most would find making these videos lonely.

    • Xavier Fontanez says:

      I was actually just thinking while watching this: “man, I would get so depressed on one of these trips”

    • TheLegendaryFire says:

      ​@Xavier Fontanezwasn’t there a cameraman I saw the camera shaking like someone was holding it a couple times

  3. Brandon Bowers says:

    Ryan is the only person that can make awkwardness socially acceptable!

    • Meg says:

      I think this is why I struggle to watch his videos honestly lol He gives me such secondhand anxiety and it makes me so uncomfortable that I often click off 🤣 (I say this as a high anxiety awkward person myself)

  4. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    Ryan quickly became one of my all time favorite content creators after I watched the whole penny series. Never stop being you, Ryan!

  5. jose perez says:

    It’s clever how Ryan was able to turn his Tiny Home vacation review into a Shrek themed story that ended with him slipping on the Shrek crocs over his muddied socks!😂❤😊

  6. ElzeBakesFood🫶🎉 says:

    I love how Ryan can make an everyday video so funny by adding his own twist to everything. He never fails to put a smile on my face. 😂

  7. Inzane Cooking says:

    I feel like Ryan is slowly getting less awkwardly social.
    Gotta love that character development.

  8. Plinko Zoinks says:

    Am I weird for loving the little icon of Ryan’s face/head bouncing around or being the icon for traveling between places? Please never change your style/format.

  9. GLYD Studios says:

    Ryan deserves every single one of his 13.8M subs… He really does create great, funny, and entertaining content that makes you feel good.

  10. Allison Garcia says:

    Ryan will never fail at being one of the greatest storytellers.

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