I Survived On €0.01 For 1 Week – Day 6

I Survived On €0.01 For 1 Week – Day 6

day 6. 1 penny. 1 mission.
donate here – https://give.water.org/f/penny/

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27 Responses

  1. zoe says:

    there’s so many people who gave ryan money, helped him in so many ways and they don’t know that they literally are helping people get fresh water- like dude that’s awesome.

  2. Mel Makes says:

    The living on a penny series is my favorite thing on YouTube. It makes me so happy how absolutely wholesome Ryan is. ❤ I’m so impressed by his drive and compassion

  3. DanWActual says:

    I said this last year and I will say it again. This is one of the most wholesome and entertaining video series to hit YouTube. You’re killing it, Ryan!

  4. Ethan Knudson says:

    The amount of planning and the mere amount of work that had to be put to make this series possibly is unfathomable. We got to give appreciation to the team of hardworkers! <3 Ryan and the Team

  5. Jake Vlogger 1.0 says:

    The way Ryan keeps us entertained. It’s so nice of him ❤

  6. Dozee says:

    Fionn is just so nice, It’s so great seeing ryan makes good friends along the way…Also respect to Preston and Zack, They are doing incredible job with filming and editing.

  7. EDUARD Paven says:

    Is hard to make very good content every day while still keeping it funny and also charitable, but you are doing an AMAZING job

  8. CoinMarketCap - News says:

    This was amazing Ryan and I hope there will be a new series at some point, also *Amazon making GPT55X* is such a banger, hope you guys know that. I’m really excited for all the things to come in the next few days now that this is the new reality. If you don’t know what I mean that’s on you guys

  9. Burnt Potato says:

    Shoutout to Zach for pumping out these amazing edits and a cinematic story! Bravo! Been loving these videos from the penny challenge. Good hearted and is always on my top recommended when I come home from work 🙂

  10. Gabriel Grassmayr says:

    Congrats to Preson, Zach and Ryan for making such an incredible series once again 🔥

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