I Survived 100 Days as a TITAN in Minecraft

I Survived 100 Days as a TITAN in Minecraft

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►Episode – I Survived 100 Days as a TITAN in Minecraft


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30 Responses

  1. [K] says:

    00:00 – Introduction to the challenge: Becoming a Titan in Minecraft and surviving until day 100 while being pursued by Scouts.
    00:53 – The quest to punch an iron golem in a nearby village.
    01:39 – Trying to kill a Scout chasing the baby Titan.
    02:17 – Engaging in combat with the Scouts and obtaining items from the Pillager Outpost.
    03:36 – Fighting and defeating the Scout, then gathering hay bales for food.
    04:44 – Collecting beetroots and potatoes to unlock Sasha’s potato.
    05:26 – Collecting obsidian and mining diamonds for future upgrades.
    07:02 – Exploring plans to unlock the regular Titan form by acquiring Emerald blocks and targets.
    08:50 – Enchanting various diamond tools to prepare for further upgrades.
    09:30 – Setting up an enchanting table in the Titan base.
    10:13 – Exploring the new abilities of the regular Titan form.
    11:46 – Unlocking the Block Smasher ability and testing its destructive power.
    18:16 – Crafting Suspicious Stew for Regenerative Focus unlock.
    18:59 – Eating a Pufferfish and killing Elder Guardian for a quest.
    20:34 – Destroying the scout’s base, unlocking the Consume ability.
    22:27 – Using Consume ability to defeat scouts, base destroyed.
    24:21 – Planning to unlock the Armored Shell ability.
    25:50 – Obtaining Glowstone Dust from the Nether.
    29:46 – Transforming into the Armored Titan and discovering new Titan forms.
    35:27 – Destroying enemy beds, locating their spawning point in a crawly hole.
    36:59 – Obtaining Woodland Mansion map and exploring the mansion.
    38:23 – Transforming into Colossal Titan and wreaking havoc on enemy base.
    41:53 – Crafting End Crystals and respawning the Ender Dragon.
    43:36 – Killing Wither Skeletons for Wither Skulls.
    45:51 – Using Wrath of Ymir to obliterate the enemy base.
    47:57 – Countdown to victory during the Rumbling event.

  2. Sungodfor1 says:

    I like how bro is fitting through doors as a Titan

  3. Victoria Penelope: Your new girlfriend 💝 says:

    I don’t really care if your new video gets published tomorrow or in a week. I’m always happy that you make stuff for us to watch and be relaxed a bit.

  4. Shadow says:

    You always find a way to make good videos

  5. Jack Stillhere says:

    Yaaaaay, Goldy’s back!!!!! I missed her

  6. 3bitryan says:

    Love your videos keep up the good work buddy and have a amazing day

  7. Broken Wave says:

    this is quite an unexpected but epic title… lol
    i think just about everyone would agree that it would also be epic to see more of role switch videos where you hunt your friends

  8. Xxidabossxx says:

    I absolutely love your vids they are so fun to watch. Could you maybe make it a little more fair to the hunters like allow them to have little level ups to, maybe get a few more hearts or something like that?

  9. Q AnimeGi says:

    It’s crazy how he went from ant to titan in days 😂

  10. James Little says:

    Hmmm, its odd not seeing Unicornman in one of these. Hope they’re doing okay! Wonder if they’re busy with the next farm. Kind of hope that farmer-Unicorn is at it again!

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