Colorado Buffaloes vs. Arizona State Sun Devils | Full Game Highlights

Colorado Buffaloes vs. Arizona State Sun Devils | Full Game Highlights

The Colorado Buffaloes snap a two-game slide in a road win against the Arizona State Sun Devils, 27-24. Shedeur Sanders threw for 239 YDS & 1 TD while Alejandro Mata hit the game-winning field goal with 12 seconds left in the game.

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51 Responses

  1. Kareen Wayvines says:

    When they fix that offensive line, Colorado will be waaaaay better.

  2. Honcho 5050 says:

    It’s still crazy to me how people were making fun of Colorado for losing to Oregon & USC, as if people expected them to go undefeated

  3. Carlin Westley says:

    How amazing it must be for a father to see his son play an amazing game

    • crackerkilla says:

      Wouldn’t know, don’t have a father

    • Slade says:

      Wouldn’t know, don’t have a son

    • Otalu Ongawanaka says:

      Wouldn’t know, I have a daughter

    • Daltthesalt says:

      Deion treats his sons similar to lavar ball and LeBron. Any father who wants to see their kid follow in their foot steps and has the opportunity to is going to want to help them succeed anyway they can. Very few sons and daughters have parents who can support them to the point where they become superstars in sports or entertainment just like their daddy or mommy. So it’s exciting to witness and im curious how it all plays out. But it’s also blessing for these kids who have parents to want them to be great at something aswell as being given the support with time, money, and most important love. I know that are a lot of jealous haters our there but I hope these parents who don’t have all those resources to support their kids in the same way still try to emulate that amount of care and love anyway they can. The new generation is so much more important to our society than people give the credit, attention and resources to parents and teachers these kids deserve.

    • Angela H says:

      His sons!! 💙

  4. Honi the Circle Maker says:

    Colorado just needs some linemen and they are dangerous next year. Their skill positions go crazy!

    • Alco Ballic says:

      Ppl keep complaining about the attention CU is getting put it’s a great strategy for Prime to recruit players. More attention means more awareness, means more money (NIL), means more recruits, means more wins.

    • PK says:

      Linemen on both sides of the ball would help them tremendously

    • Marquis Hall says:

      People don’t understand this. When Colorado starts signing blue chip linemen on both sides of ball, they will be a force.

    • Joey Scott says:

      The skill players are on the sideline.
      I think that Sanders is trying to have an all black team. I think he should play the best players.. If an all black defense is all he have to offer…they almost lost this game to ASU.

    • Kristian Dotson says:

      Yeah they’re linemen is so inconsistent on both ends

  5. Br11zz says:

    Good win for a young team on the road. They’re still learning. Two more wins we be goin bowling!!! 🎉🎉

  6. Adarius Roundtree says:

    People don’t realize most these boys playing with each other for the 1st time and still putting in work

  7. Rocky Lifts says:

    50 seconds! This dude Shedeur is special when it counts.

  8. Nazeer Curry says:

    Mata is a solid kicker!! They need a better O-Line!

    • Błâštîñg Bîâš says:

      They are still gelling. I think PRIME is going to/is challenging all his O/D Lineman to pack on 30-40 lbs of muscle by the beginning of next year of they are in the portal for bigger better lineman.

  9. jay hill says:

    Shedeur is has that clutch gene. And that kicker Mata is HIM. Good win. 2 more games and its to the bowl.

  10. mbwell says:

    And how many games did Colorado win last season? To compete like this in such a short period is a phenomenal accomplishment.

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