I Tested 1-Star Theme Parks

I Tested 1-Star Theme Parks

short kings unite

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35 Responses

  1. @complicatedcatcher1920 says:

    Ryan Trahan definitely has infinite ideas to entertain fans and to never disappoints us with our content, he took this to an absolute infinity win.

  2. @troopgirl78 says:

    ryan joining that group of kids and excitedly running up the stairs and riding in the tubes with them is the most wholesome thing i have seen today omg. im sure they were so happy that he joined them, soooo adorable

  3. @otyliamiskiewicz7239 says:

    ryan just makes our day better being the most of himself

  4. @ansianeedsgrass says:

    Ryan running around and having fun with that group of kids is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in a while

    Also, Happy Birthday Jaden 😀

  5. @theduckgamerr says:

    Ryan interviewing the people waiting in line is gold 😂

  6. @bizarrereza says:

    Ryan risked losing his Apple Watch just to test a review. Mad respect

  7. @AddestVision says:

    The fact that they did that for you at the end was amazing. What a cool way to end the video.

  8. @wayy.2.riskyy says:

    seeing Ryan enjoying his time with his dad is so wholesome 🥺👍🏿

  9. @user-qq3ev2fg9y says:

    Ryan isn’t pregnant but never fails to deliver.

  10. @SpicyMoustache says:

    This was pure gold 😂

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