PLAYBOI CARTI LIVE @Rolling Loud Cali 2023 [FULL SET]

PLAYBOI CARTI LIVE @Rolling Loud Cali 2023 [FULL SET]

PLAYBOI CARTI Live at Rolling Loud California 2023 [FULL SET]

Curated by Tariq Cherif and Matt Zingler

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45 Responses

  1. nito says:

    i can vouch for everyone watching from home, when the show was stopped for 45 minutes+, we all wanted to shed a tear not knowing if he was coming back out. BUT HE DID AND GAVE US THE BEST PREFORMANCE HE COULD WITH HALF THE SHOW TIME. CARTI IS THE GOAT.

  2. Gemini Doll says:

    The way the guitarist transitions the songs is honestly insane smh ❤ unbelievable talent.

  3. Anthony Cedeno says:

    Carti is carrying music without even dropping shit. He’s an ABSOLUTE GENIUS

  4. Afiuty says:

    I was born too late to see dinosaurs, I was born too early to see flying cars, but I was born in the Playboicarti era 🔥🐐

  5. Rikkiota says:

    I’ve always been more of a heavy metal guy and I love the guitar here. This was the most rock n’ roll performance I’ve seen a rap artist do in a long time. Carti is INSANE! 🔥

    • CrèmeFaygo says:

      @Peter Hoovler Jordan Terrell Carter is our master

    • delete says:

      @Peter Hoovler literally nobody cares besides try hard alternative music listeners 😂

    • Peter Hoovler says:

      Women beater carti stole this sound from the underground band Ivory Glass Towers. Weak artists steal stuff from other artists and claim it as their own.

  6. Toby Okafor says:

    0:00 Rockstar (new snippet)
    2:30 RIP
    6:10 Rockstar Made
    10:38 RIP Fredo
    13:50 stop breathing
    18:20 jump out the house
    19:40 off the grid
    21:30 sky
    26:40 no sleep intro
    26:55 new neon
    27:15 miss the rage
    30:20 Carti speaks
    31:30 Location

  7. Javian Johnson says:

    This was the craziest concert I’ve ever been to in my LIFE!! I’ve always wanted to witness a Playboi Carti concert live after seeing videos of his Whole Lotta Red concert! The show AND the mosh pits lived up to my expectations! Yessir Carti!!! 🧛🏾‍♂🔥

  8. Gemini Doll says:

    The guitarists! Eating it tf up 👏🏽!! ❤🎸

  9. Paydro 66 says:

    craziest set ever. god bless everyone tryna make it big.. one day imma rock out shows like this 🔥🔥

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