Massive Weekend Storm To Slam Eastern US With Damaging Winds, Severe Storms, Snow

Massive Weekend Storm To Slam Eastern US With Damaging Winds, Severe Storms, Snow

A complex weather situation is developing for the eastern half of the U.S. this weekend as a budding storm system will deliver widespread rain, damaging winds, severe storms and even areas of snow. #foxweather #weather

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35 Responses

  1. @seviregis7441 says:

    My first time seeing two meteorologists giving the weather report at the same time. Lots of storms coming in… be safe, everybody.

  2. @audreymcneil2848 says:

    Praying for everyone’s safety.

  3. @marileedent8499 says:

    Stay safe and warm 🙏

  4. @Dan-sm1to says:

    There is always so much drama with weather forecast over the last few years. I live in an area they are showing violent weather threats which is surprising. The local weather and NOAA seem to know nothing about it. Maybe the NE is going to experience a winter Nor’ easter but there isn’t anything threatening in the South.

  5. @ocean3237 says:

    I don’t like it when gets to hot or to darn cold.

  6. @dweedy43 says:

    Is the mountains of North Carolina going to be impacted with the rain/cold and possible chance of snow?

  7. @vajona2495 says:

    Calling every storm “Major” or “severe” is like having a 50% off sale every day…

  8. @faithsrvtrip8768 says:

    I’m in an RV in east Texas with solar panels so hail and wind 🍃 are bad 😮

    • @ElonaldTrusk says:

      Any way some plywood and ratchet straps would help?

    • @seviregis7441 says:

      Can you drive to a place that won’t be affected by the storm? If not, make a padded cover that Velcro’s to the roof of your vehicle covering the panels, safe from wind and rain.

    • @Lena-so2lq says:

      What do you plan to do? You must have spots you’ve found between bays or against buildings. I wonder about this, I’m looking to buy one. Stay safe!!

    • @chris2162003 says:

      I seen people buy gym mats to cover windshield. Can try that too good for multiple things especially if outside activities

  9. @chrisg5894 says:

    I like Fox, but the freaking out over winter weather like it’s the first time there’s ever been bad weather in the winter is silly

  10. @gohome678 says:

    I see its climate change it’s called The Four Seasons we’re getting into winter now

    • @Lena-so2lq says:

      Haha yesh its freaking December. Its called Winter, but i was born 1970s 😂

    • @ivanruiz808 says:

      You have to take into account that we are expected to be in an ENSO winter (El Nino) which generally leads to warmer temperatures in the southeast region of the United States. Due to this, it is going to lead to warmer weather storms like hail, and better allow tornados to occur all because air is able to rise easier. So actually this is not really normal for winter, and does have to do with the change in climate from neutral to El Niño.

    • @gregm6801 says:

      😅😅me too so dramatic need to push climate bs 😅

    • @althomas6045 says:

      @@ivanruiz808 excellent comment. thank you.

    • @OldHeathen1963 says:

      You get tired of winter in the south, come north to Maine! We are running 15 to 20 degrees warmer then normal. ( normal for just 30 years past )

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