I Took a Vision Healing Masterclass

I Took a Vision Healing Masterclass

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I took a vision healing masterclass and tried to heal my vision…will it work? Watch the video and SEE!!!!!

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thanks for watching!

comment “glasses without the gl” ur reading this


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39 Responses

  1. Kurtis Conner says:

    Go score your own air up bottle and flavor pods w/ 15% off using my code KURTISTOWN

  2. Vasily Bullock says:

    As a glasses user i can confirm glasses are evil

  3. Rae Green says:

    As a blind person, I’m so excited to try this masterclass and see how my vision improves. I’ll keep everyone posted

  4. Mephistofeelies says:

    Oh you’re 100% correct on the whole “blue eyes are cleaner than brown eyes” thing being massively troubling for a multitude of reasons, and surprisingly only the least concerning is her complete misunderstanding of how phenotypes work

    • Iclynnx says:

      The funny thing is, I have blue eyes and my vision is so blurry I can barely see my mom’s face only 3 meters away. Even if my eyesight got worse after wearing glasses, I still couldn’t see before.

    • Oh Boi Lien says:

      Yeah it’s mainly racism

    • Mephistofeelies says:

      @Oh Boi Lien oh an overwhelming majority.

    • Poppy Peridot says:

      My moms eyes are bad and she has chronic migraines and constantly wears sunglasses outside or else she will have a huge headache or migraine happen, she has blue eyes.

  5. Sparrowhawk Lastname says:

    Speaking as someone who used to wear glasses (for nearsighted+astigmatism in one eye, and slightly farsighted in the other) and then stopped wearing them over 5 years ago because the glasses were more trouble than they were worth and gave me eyestrain headaches, I can confidently say… that I did need glasses. And still do. Just not the ones I had. Turned out my slightly farsighted eye was actually slightly nearsighted. Which would explain the headaches. I got new glasses with a more accurate prescription a couple weeks ago and dude that shit is insane. I can freakin see. I have depth perception for the first time in five years. Keeping these things clean enough to see through is a pain but goddang it’s worth it to have TWO WORKING EYES for the first time in half a decade. B)

  6. Paint-Splash says:

    As someone who grew up on actually using herbs and stuff for healing, the one thing I was taught is that yeah, it can work to an EXTENT- when I had a sore throat my mom made me elderberry tea, but when I got scarlet fever she didn’t put lavender oils on me

    • irene says:

      i know the feeling lmao 😭 my mom does reiki and yeah, when i get some random ass muscle cramps ill go to her… but if im having an allergic reaction i go find my epipen man 😭

    • finpin says:

      Exactly, plus the reason why plants can be helpful is also scientifically based, just like medicine. Like you can research and go “yeah ginger is proven to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. sick!” and that’s science for ya.

    • Tangerine Marmalade says:

      a lot of herbs do help (and some are even prescribed along with actual meds where I’m from) because plenty of “active ingredients” were first found in/extracted from plants; they are less effective but can sometimes be used to decrease the impact on a patient’s liver (esp when they are already taking other medicine) ((that being said there are questions of side effects and allergic reactions and such, so like with most things self-medication must be in moderation))

    • vegetable a says:

      @Tangerine Marmalade there is also the fact that it is harder to control the doses with herb and stuff, so someone might accidentally taking too little or too much. unlike regular medication, which is thoroughly controlled to make sure it is exactly the dose it needs to be.

  7. Sariah Rodriguez says:

    Reminds me of a story in the new testament where a guy is born blind and people think that it’s a punishment for the sins of his parents, and Jesus literally says that that isn’t true. It’s not people’s fault for having medical problems. I’m not even a quarter of the way in and this lady is already driving me crazy! I appreciate your commentary and skits to show how ridiculous this lady’s claims are 🙂

    edit to add: your dog is so cute!!!

    • Iclynnx says:

      May I ask for the… whatever it’s called so I can find the verses myself? I assume the new testament is the bible? I happened to get one as a gift so, might as well look. If I can even find it.

    • Lace says:

      ⁠​⁠@Iclynnxyes, the Bible is made up of the old and new testaments! The story of Jesus healing the blind man is in John 9

    • Sarah Schones says:

      obsessed with this comment and the interactions 😭 yes Jesus wants us to have faith in him and sometimes that means trusting the people he created to provide medical intervention for us!

  8. Just another person says:

    Kurtis is like our funny uncle who comes over every once in awhile

  9. Alison Ngo says:

    Fun fact: the eye drops the doc put in your eyes inhibits the iris constrictor muscles which in turn makes your pupils dilate. Because they are dilated, your eyes take in more light, which is why you experience the light sensitivity! Honestly, it’s pretty cool that this video upload coincided with a module we’re learning in class over the eye, since I’m able to recall the information. Great video as always, Kurt!! Feel free to correct/add info in the comments, I’m sure it’ll only help me learn even more since my exam is coming up!

    • Brockford Junktion says:

      Another fun fact is you don’t need to use the eye drops to do a regular eye test for most people.

    • Bear Steels says:

      i also think youre not supposed to drive after that LOL

    • Brockford Junktion says:

      Correct, you’re not supposed to drive because your vision is impaired.

    • Poppy Peridot says:

      @Brockford Junktionyep! You can reject it, it just gives them a little advantage, I denied mine recently cause last year it lasted too long, like legit a whole day, don’t know what happened. But they said it’s okay and did the regular test ❤

    • Basil says:

      @Brockford Junktionyeah my doc only does them once every few years to check i think. i go yearly because my vision is bad

  10. katiedid says:

    Appreciate Kurtis sacrificing his eyesight by staring directly at the sun every day for 10 minutes for us

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