Jimmy Kimmel’s Breakdown of the Craziest Oscars Moment Ever Between Will Smith & Chris Rock

Jimmy Kimmel’s Breakdown of the Craziest Oscars Moment Ever Between Will Smith & Chris Rock

Jimmy breaks down the craziest Oscars moment ever when Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith went up onto the stage and slapped him, Diddy addressing the situation, Denzel Washington being at the center of historic Oscar moments, the Academy announcing they’re doing a formal review, Will Smith dancing at the Vanity Fair party, his apology note to Chris Rock, and Guillermo hits the red carpet once again to chat with all the stars!

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39 Responses

  1. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Guillermo deserves an Oscar for his eventful interviews. So funny that I am laughing with major tears 🤣🤣🤣💕💕

  2. Сиджей from GTA says:

    When Chris Rock laughs and says “I could” he stops himself. He must’ve had so much anger flowing through him. To remain calm in that situation is impressive

  3. The Insidia Project says:

    Props to Chris for such a cool reaction haha 😎

  4. WattsMc says:

    So unbelievably impressive by Chris Rock. My respect just grew so much for him, and fell so much for Will Smith.

    • AFK Bender says:

      Alapacchia or something

    • Helen123 says:

      Trust me will doesn’t need your respect

    • Ding Gus says:

      your respect grew for Chris rock for making fun of a sick woman lol what a freak. most men would’ve done that not saying its right but making fun of their sick wife…let me guess your respect will also grow for Chris rock when you hear they’re making grown ups 4 or Madagascar 5? next he can make fun of kids with cancer and when the parents hit him and he plays it off you can recommend him for a Purple Heart lol.

  5. sadlystuckinreality says:

    Really appreciate Jimmy pointing out all the important and weird aspects of what went down last night. I really feel bad for everyone that won afterward and might’ve felt like their moment had been overshadowed by this incident.

    • Krypto Habe says:

      Whi even watch oscars anyway nobody knew they going on 🤣will saved oscar 🤣🤣

    • JL Olsen says:

      @Captain Barbosa pretty sure they ARE the toxicity…. 😂

    • JL Olsen says:

      Oh please. A. WHO CARES? B. WHO CARES? C. WHOOOOO CARES???

      And lastly: We need to stop treating ourselves like a bunch of prima donna toddlers! Someone sick on your birthday? Get over it. Didn’t get an A? Get over it. Someone cut you off on the freeway? Get over it.

      We are the biggest bunch of WIMPS on the planet.

    • Rehak Mate says:

      I got no simpathy for Will

    • Yungbeck says:

      “He was laughing” such a basic mouth breather take. Leave the internet bozo

  6. Dr. Sandy says:

    Finally!! Someone who points out that a man was assaulted on tv and no one did anything!!! Whether his joke was in poor taste or not is not the issue. Thanks Jimmy!

    • Sarah O'hara says:

      YOU ARE A DOCTOR? I doubt it. An assault is more than a slap, he’s not a stupid child, (CR) he’s an idiot for making fun of a medical condition, what you say states you are a person who is probably ok with spousal abuse! You need slapping also!

    • Amir Yasin says:

      Why should anyone do something???

  7. Protiksha Hatibaruah says:

    Jimmy did a great job by calling out that nobody helped Chris Rock👏

  8. Jeffrey Nauman says:

    I loved what Mick Foley said about this. “If that was The Rock making a GI Jane joke instead of Chris Rock….there’s no slap.”

  9. Milton Bernier says:

    I’m really a sad person, Jimmy, but you and Guillermo always make me laugh and feel good!

  10. Yosef Shawarma says:

    People seem to be surprised about the way Chris Rock handled his assault. Remember this, he’s been doing stand-up comedy shows since his teenage years, and during the course of which he dealt with hecklers of all kinds. That’s where he learned to keep the show moving, no matter the distraction and not be thrown off track.

    • Browni Chun says:

      @Lilly Nichols That speech was super long! Guess the orchestra was afraid to play him off …

    • Browni Chun says:

      @Dean Anderson … and it was!!

    • Lilly Nichols says:

      I think he was partly in shock. Also he was aware of the fact that he was still on-stage at the Oscars, and he had a job to do.
      Will Smith should have been told to leave, not allowed to give his “victim impact statement”, self justification excuse for an acceptance speech!

    • Wolfs Winkel says:

      He’s a real one.

    • Patty Cake says:

      I would I have hit back if I stood by my joke… which is what he was trying to say he was doing by justifying it

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