I Transformed a Nether Portal in Survival Minecraft

I Transformed a Nether Portal in Survival Minecraft

I built the World’s Biggest Nether Portal on this Minecraft SMP, and showed it to my friends. This is Minecraft’s Largest Nether Portal

Like ParrotX2 videos and the LifeSteal SMP, a Minecraft Server Not like Dream SMP or Tommyinnit or Technoblade or any other Dream SMP members. This SMP is like LifeStealSMP and OneTrySMP, this is the hardest Minecraft Sever ever! and it is also a lore-based server in the MCYT community. I hope you enjoy this video, a true Minecraft hardcore server. Not only that, this server has the elements of school SMP and lifesteal SMP, but everything is Hardcore. This is a Hardcore SMP server.

This series is inspired by Wadzee, sandiction and Luke TheNoteable Series, as well as Mumbo Jumbo and Grian on the Hermitcraft server. However, instead of it being Wadzee, Luke, Mumbo Jumbo, Grian, sandiction, it’s actually just Wenzo. I like to make Giant Mega Builds, and this is similar to a Custom Minecraft Challenge video, except the Custom Minecraft Challenge is to survive.

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29 Responses

  1. Pengoo says:

    Combine this nether portal with that other portal on that lava island will look epic for sure.

  2. Captain Delta Editz says:

    Lets goo . Wenzo is the guy that can literally transform a boring thing to like a ultra great 4k ray traced angelic super entertaining thing

  3. InfamousJJ says:

    Can we just take a second to appreciate all the effort he puts inside of us?

  4. Sharkilz says:

    That thumbnail is crazy! Thank you for putting all of this effort inside of us! 🔥

  5. Jerry says:

    I’m glad I stumbled upon this channel. Definitely deserves a sub.

  6. Mssdonut 🍩 says:

    The amount of effort he puts in his vids is amazing! Keep it up, Wenzo ! 🎉

  7. Seth Arucan says:

    Wenzo is the guy that can make mind bending builds in a block game! Keep up the good work! ❤

  8. ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile says:

    You know its gonna be a good day when Wenzo uploads❤

  9. Sean Kim says:

    I might have a better idea for the ropes. You might be able to make structures above it and latch the golden ropes on the top and bottom to make it look less floaty.

  10. Nichamood00 says:

    It looks so good, I hope you will have 1 million subscribers because you deserve it.

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