I Tried The Best Pizza In America

I Tried The Best Pizza In America

Does America have the best pizza in the world?

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Ingredients Needed: A pizza place that loves you as much as you love it.

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37 Responses

  1. @LuisAngelSantos says:

    I’m loving the “I tried the best (insert food here) in America” series. Hope the next one is “I tried the best wings in America”

  2. @sd.2528 says:

    “This is a damn near f***ing perfect pizza. I’m going to give this a solid, powerful, standing 7.0” – Joshua Weissman

  3. @scottduncan5525 says:

    now we need the opposite spectrum, Joshua tried every Frozen Pizza, and then tries to make the best version of a frozen pizza that still tastes amazing but can be stored in the freezer

  4. @TheM750 says:

    Considering a NYC pizza place (Una Pizza Napoletana) took the #2 spot of the 50 best pizza places in the World (8 other spots in the 50 also go to America pizza places) as ranked by Sicilians in Naples; I’d say that pizza in American has already earned that “seat at the culinary table”.

  5. @wendysbaconator1175 says:

    Scott needs his own pizza channel.

  6. @onavelzy5537 says:

    Thanks for this video. Impossible to capture”the best pizza” out of 2000+ options and for millions of personal preferences but you all did a great job. I know you highlighted Scott in you video, but a link “below” for his web page would have been good for everyone. Next time I’m in NYC, I’ll try to book a tour with him. Have agreat new year

  7. @Nominals75 says:

    I took my family in a Scott’s Pizza Tour when we were in NYC. Such a great way to experience many different pizza places without all the leg work. Also did a Chicago pizza tour too. Awesome episode Josh & Scott making me want to visit NYC again just for the pizza 🍕😊.

    • @frankfurter7260 says:

      The bus tour will get you to a borough outside Manhattan and Scott does them and he’s quite knowledgeable about NYC pizza. But the walking tours are not done by Scott and at $65 to walk to three places within relatively close proximity to eat three slices you can do it yourself and save $50. And choose the places you want too.

    • @Nominals75 says:

      Yeah, we did the bus tour. 😊

    • @johnnymonsterrrr says:

      scott wiener the type of guy to order overcooked pizza just to complain its too hot and not good enough while paying one dollar for it

    • @frankfurter7260 says:

      Which borough did you go to? The bus tour used to start from Lombardi’s in SoHo and would often go up to The Bronx. Now it starts from the Seaport I think from Keste pizza but I haven’t gone since it moved and the Seaport is very inconvenient for me. I’m guessing he takes you to Brooklyn or Queens now. Statan Island has pizza too. The forgotten borough. 😀

    • @Nominals75 says:

      @@frankfurter7260 I only remember we went to Lombardi, Patrizio’s, and J&V. I’m not sure which part of the city those were located, it was a few years back now.

  8. @stoopz3634 says:

    If you do come to New Haven, Sally’s, Modern, Pepe’s White Clam, and BAR’s mashed-potato bacon are the ones to get. People sleep on BAR pizza but bacon-mash has been becoming very popular over the past 10 years in CT.

  9. @alexlivshin says:

    I love how Josh made it look like other styles of pizza had any chance at all against NY style.

  10. @FlyingRocketPenguins says:

    Ain’t no way you did a best pizza in America video without going to New Haven…

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