I Trolled my Friend with a Horror Mod in Minecraft

I Trolled my Friend with a Horror Mod in Minecraft

I Trolled my Friend with a Horror Mod with Poppy Playtime 2 Kissy Missy in Minecraft…

Today i trolled @Blaza Plays with a horror mod in minecraft…

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26 Responses

  1. FantaGuy says:

    It’s nice watching socks on a Sunday afternoon

  2. bruhify says:

    alternative title: socksfor1 scares the ever living crap out of blaza in minecraft

  3. Heinz Doofenshmirtz says:

    Blaza is probably the only person who would wake up and ask why they woke in a bed and no one questions it

  4. Banana boi says:

    If the first thing you are concerned about is how big the bed is then you’ve earned my respect 👏

  5. Vids with friends says:

    I love how he keeps making amazing and funny videos and puts funny jokes in them

  6. Mother Russia | vtuber says:

    the question is “why is the bed so big”
    but the real question is:
    “who used it?”
    “why is the bed messy?”
    “how many people used it at the same time?”
    “what did they use the bed for?”

  7. ✫Gacha Magic✫ says:

    I like how they just put some animation parts and that the factory was completely different from the normal game.

  8. WaVeZ_Kapi says:

    Can we notice the editing skills and the animations they put in this video?

  9. lyn says:

    I like how he uses 3 commands to scare blaza and then forgets to use them the other half

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