We Escaped The Backrooms

We Escaped The Backrooms

But did we really? Can you really ever escape the backrooms?
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45 Responses

  1. poko says:

    smii7y and horror games is THE perfect combo

  2. Limbo Slam says:

    The mimics were more terrifying when you know there isn’t anyone. Especially when it sounds like tucker

    • Uhh.... hi? says:

      I thought it wouldn’t be as scary but no it was TERRIBLE. Although maybe it was terrible because it was cramped and there were voice lines… still though….

    • ItMe_E says:


    • Eviewyn says:

      i was watching it knowing the others were dead and i was just 🥲🥲

  3. Captain Delta Editz says:

    Smitty and gang playing horror games
    Just the perfect recipe for 45 mins of class entertainment 😂

  4. NorthernLaw says:

    This game turned out to be a lot better than when it first released. Not really any replayability but it is fun with friends.

  5. lepoufextrême says:

    Smii and Friends + Horror = *Good Content*

  6. UnknwnPhoenix says:

    I would say the cave was the scariest part of this. Knowing that all the guys died except Smii7y and the fact that it followed and spoke to him had me clenching all parts of my body. XD

    • IR Animer says:

      If you know what was happening then, can you explain it to me, please ?
      I don’t what was that
      That was creepy, and yeah the game from start said check your friends ID
      But WTF was that
      Was that an A.I thing with some sound by voice actors?

    • KiraComments-CHCA says:

      XD LMAO It was kind of scary

    • Collin Clayton says:

      ​@IR Animer It’s a mimic. They are enemies in the game that pretend to be a dead player and can speak some voice lines. That’s why they have their IDs. Mimics won’t show an ID but players can

    • haha someone else says:

      ​@IR Animerthey’re called skinstealers
      And they have some pre recorded lines like “hello”. They also mimic what a players says I haven’t seen this happen but the dev claims so.

    • Celestia Ludenberg! says:

      @haha someone else it happened in the video

  7. TnT says:

    smii7y never fails to make me marinate my toenails in bbq sauce.

  8. Nicholas Stribling says:

    Smi7y never fails to leave me limping

  9. Elitely says:

    I’m very happy they’re continuing this game its gotta be my favorite horror series from them was wondering when the next part was then I saw there was a stream and now there’s a video!

    Plus having over 45 minutes of this chaos is hilarious!

  10. gaze says:

    I never thought a radar could be so nerve-racking.

    29:50 I can imagine SMii7y’s bored look as he casually leaves his “friend” to die. Hell, the entire level felt like watching an actual horror movie.

    35:26 No explanation needed.

    37:14 “Let’s go fuck that guy up!” -Famous last words

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