I *very* strongly recommend The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Spoiler-free review)

I *very* strongly recommend The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Spoiler-free review)

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Tears of the Kingdom will overawe you with its scale and its imagination. It will demand your creativity and ingenuity in a way that few games would dare demand. It pays tribute to the things that have made this series so timeless, while also innovating so relentlessly that it will be the better part of a decade before any game is able to follow in its wake. Nearly four decades after The Legend of Zelda series made its debut, its latest instalment is a breathtaking high-point for the Zelda franchise, for Nintendo and for videogames.

For those that prefer write-ups, I’ve published a written version of this review over at Wellplayed.com.au. Here it is: https://www.well-played.com.au/the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-review/

00:00 Spoiler free
32:53 Spoiler free conclusion

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37 Responses

  1. Skill Up says:

    Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring the video. If you want to set up your own website (and get a discount while doing it), hit this link for more info: http://www.squarespace.com/skillup

  2. Denarmo says:

    In regards to the cooking, there is actually a sort of “cookbook”.
    When you select an item you want to cook, there is an option called “Select for Recipe” that opens different recipes you’ve made already, and you can quickly choose one and it will pick the ingredients for you.
    The game never mentions it so it is easy to miss.

    • The Grandma Table says:

      I never even knew this wow

    • Britt N says:

      I don’t see this in my BOTW game now? Can you explain? I assumed you meant when Link has ingredients in his hands? Or is there another way to select items for cooking I’m missing? Also tried googling “select for recipe BOTW” and nothing comes up. Can anyone help? I don’t think this is a thing? Unless I’m dumb and you mean tears of the kingdom?

    • アキラ says:

      @Britt N its in the new tear of the kingdom game. Several reviews mentioned this

    • Peter Wang says:

      @Britt N They mean this is a new feature in TOTK.

  3. Jon says:

    FYI: fusing a weapon grants a strict one-time +25 durability. You can’t reset it and there’s some edge case behavior when fusing weapon on top of another weapon, but +25 durability is the general rule

  4. seithim says:

    I love when game developers can be influenced by others’ work and it’s a win for all parties.

  5. ZENergetic _8 says:

    This man is the only one who can get me to sit through a 30+ min video of a game I don’t even have the proper console to play it on.

  6. Joseph Gorospe says:

    Easily one of the best reviewers / journalists on the platform. Thank you for the continual high quality content you push out! Appreciate the crap out of you man!

  7. Mimi says:

    Oh damn when the music hits at 5.45. That was so well cut into it. Thank you so much for the reviews! It’s always hit the mark and honestly one of the most accurate and honest reviewers out there. Followed you since laymen and will continue supporting your every single video!

    • Lava Lamp says:

      I’ve noticed that so many of skillups videos have a moment where the music kicks in and your just like WOW. The final fantasy 15 is the most memorable next to this for me.

    • Mimi says:

      @Lava Lamp yea these reviews are done so well. No matter how long they are I always watch it till the end and enjoy every minute of it.

  8. OVERLOAD25 says:

    When it comes to this series I’m just impressed. It’s held to a standard where people expect a metacritic score of at least 95 – which is rediculous – and yet they manage to pull it off every time. Here they once again exceeded expectations, and I can’t wait to put 150+ hours into this

    • Denis says:

      *15000 hours you mean.

    • Gummy says:

      These games are so outdated it’s wild they get praise

    • Benjo says:

      @Gummy whats dated? mobile games lol?

    • Alex Acosta says:

      It’s insane. They’ve been setting the standard since 1986, just imagine the level of responsibility that means making these games.

    • Gummy says:

      @Benjo Zelda runs at 30 fps, has terrible graphics, gameplay is outdated with no story and very cookie cutter combat. I understand a 80 maybe but I have zero clue how these games get the same amount of praise as games like rdr2 or GoW

  9. Jose Alejandro Punti says:

    16:53 is the feeling a Dungeon Master has when they planned this whole cool dungeon/story arc for their campaign and the players find a way to circumvent it all

  10. FROMtheASHES says:

    I was honestly on the fence about this whole Zelda thing, and then you said, “flamethrower shield.” 😳 Fuck it, I’m in! 😂

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