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36 Responses

  1. Cat says:

    There’s something so pure about how hard Cody laughs at his own jokes

  2. Lol_kms_ahhh says:

    I love how they’ve accepted how stupid these videos are that they’re even bringing Cody to voice for them lmaoooo

  3. Yami Yugi says:

    The button has peaked with Cody voicing it, it will never be this good again

  4. Ezra Photias says:

    cody being so awkward meeting people at the end makes the video ngl 😭

  5. Imaginary says:

    okay but..CAN WE PLEASE APPRECIATE THE INTRO? I feel so bad nobody is talking about it..they are getting so better and funnier everytime. Keep it up Zade!!

  6. Oreomega says:

    This episode was so unhinged and I was here for every second of it. The last ep was good but Cody you were definitely better on this second one

  7. daisy says:

    cody finding himself so funny is one of the best things to watch

  8. Dak says:

    They gotta make cody the permanent replacement

  9. hookares says:

    Cody and Noel both bringing up cannibal corpse and death metal within the same week has made me happy

  10. carter says:

    “do you see yourself as a daddy? a daddy?! A DADDY?!” 😭😭
    I love how Cody constantly made fun of how horny the button was but now he’s becoming the horny button himself

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