Idaho murders arrest: New details on suspect & investigation | LiveNOW from FOX

Idaho murders arrest: New details on suspect & investigation | LiveNOW from FOX

A suspect in the killings of four University of Idaho students was arrested in eastern Pennsylvania, a law enforcement official said Friday.
Arrest paperwork filed in Monroe County Court said Bryan Kohberger, 28, was being held for extradition to Idaho where he faces a first degree murder charge.

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57 Responses

  1. TS 0785 says:

    This is why you don’t accuse random people of being the killer or blame the cops for not doing a proper job..

    • trailblazermc says:

      The FBI caught him. Not the local police.

    • Slikk Rikk says:

      @@FrankWhite843  You are absolutely correct. People often either ignore it or justify it.

    • Amanda Thacker says:

      @E Arnold what figures in dark? I’m sorry I guess I missed that. Sorry to bother you I’m just curious.

    • Amanda Thacker says:

      @Seeleygirl looks guilty? Yikes!

    • Ashlee Greco says:

      Agreed & that’s what Ive been saying. So many innocent lives taken away too soon from a coward/sociopath & many lives destroyed from people falsely accusing others. The worst was that black wannabe, looser woman who publicly accused that professor with no evidence. Just another attention W###$ who was sitting on the couch hoping to be famous. Speaking of…. She better be prosecuted because anyone else would have.

  2. LulLu Bell Jingles says:

    Thank the woman at the gas station who identified the car by going through surveillance footage. She’s the reason he was caught

  3. Sheila Harris says:

    I commend all the extremely hard work done by law enforcement in identifying and locating this suspect. And kudos to the law enforcement officials for keeping the tight lid on information. News stations and social media do law enforcement no favors by spitting out, non-stop, conjecture,rumors, misinformation as a form of “entertainment”. Well done law enforcement!

  4. She Rides Two Wheels says:

    My brother was murdered while hiking in a national forest and his killer still roams free. Thanks to all of those who investigated this crime and put in countless hours. You never gave up and I know just how much that means to the victim’s family and friends. You’re all amazing!

  5. John C says:

    That allegation against the professor from that tiktoker. Ya. That lawsuit is now ironclad

    • John C says:

      @Sum Yung Guy I’m not running away. I’ll gladly circle back and revisit this convo.
      But why, why do you have all those identical looking videos. And seemingly hundreds of them

    • John C says:

      @Sum Yung Guy somethings not right with you. I just looked at your :10 sec videos of the kids on your page. That’s incredibly odd. Forget this arbitrary matter. That’s a whole new one

    • Sum Yung Guy says:

      By the way you are the one hiding and reducing. If you can answer or admit, you dismiss anything as irrelevant. Psych 101.

    • Sum Yung Guy says:

      @John C you have no idea what you are talking about. If one person posts a “point”, then the other person posts a “point” disproving the first “point”, that/those are the point. You are not the arbiter of what anyone else’s point is.

    • Sum Yung Guy says:

      @John C incorrect again. One person posts a lie/an incorrect statement (social media isn’t blah, blah). Another person proves that statement is wrong. Simple. Admit it.

  6. Thomas Dimichele says:

    Prime example of just bc the police don’t post everything in public doesn’t mean they don’t have anything. All these people criticizing the police without realizing a ton of stuff goes on behind the scenes.

    • Shawn says:

      Thomas…I always knew they had more, but people don’t realize, especially in this case where this evil person was studying criminology, they had to keep a tight lid.

    • Isaac says:

      @Oppothumbs M The far left? Everyone’s happy the caught this guy. Stop trying to divide everyone u weirdo

    • Vicki Meyers says:

      @PEACE through STRENGTH DNA evidence is quite irrefutable.

    • Sharon Sparks says:

      It’s essential to keep critical evidence to themselves while they’re tracking a criminal. And it will continue until they have evidentiary hearings pre-trial.

    • jackeline morales says:

      Exactly and people should understand, police have never post till after they have everything, police and investigators knows what they are doing always I watch forensic files, crime watch and all that I know they will get it sooner or later …….. Good job for the team ❤️

  7. Julie Molthop says:

    GREAT NEWS! I hope this is the final for this terrible tragedy. RIP to all the victims.

    • Jennifer Middleton says:

      I find it so bizarre that we never see any video of bodies being removed from so many supposed crime scenes these days. That is not normal with everyone nowadays carrying a hand held computer camera. And why was there no media that got footage of the bodies being removed?

      Same as in the Sandy Hook hoax and so many other “crime scenes.” Makes no sense to me!

      Something’s not right!

    • Cory Burns says:

      @Mark Newton he looks like the killer

    • Mark Newton says:

      I think and hope they got him!

  8. Cheryl Butler says:

    Great job catching this guy. Support and love to the families who still have to endure the nightmare of a trial in addition to the grief they’re suffering.

  9. RideoutMr says:

    Imagine being a member of his family… chilling is that…will be interesting to hear more about him…this case has been so unreal. Good job done by all involved while under so much pressure.

  10. Kevin van vianen says:

    This is fantastic news, well done to all the police officers involved!

    • Donald Robinson says:

      You mean FBI….

    • Cvgirl84🧿🇨🇻🇵🇹🇺🇸 says:

      If he is the real killer, I am very very proud of the law enforcement, I wish my country the police and the investigators would work hard like in America to solve some the crimes…God bless all the police and all those who work for law enforcement 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 God bless them and keep them safe. I was pray 🤲🏽 for this day. I don’t know none of those victims but I cry for the parents. 4 innocents lives 😢

    • EL Mazizo says:

      Let them do there job like they have been the real detectives !!! Tiktokers,Facebook, and YouTubers were useless with this one

    • bill toal says:

      Idaho P.D. did a great job.

    • Chris says:

      ​@Michael H DNA played a part on arresting this man, and his car as well.

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