The war in Ukraine: Meet the people resisting the Russian invasion | Four Corners | ABC News

The war in Ukraine: Meet the people resisting the Russian invasion | Four Corners | ABC News

We take you inside the Ukrainian city that’s become the centre of resistance to Putin’s plans to create a new order in Europe.

Join reporter Sarah Ferguson, camera operator Ryan Sheridan and producer Tony Jones on a heart-stopping journey across the battle lines of Ukraine, from the western city of Lviv near the Polish border to the embattled capital, Kyiv, and on to the historic and strategically vital southern city of Odesa on the Black Sea, which seems about to become the next front line in the war.

Across the country, quiet civilians are now military volunteers, determined to save their country from the Russian invaders.

‘If they dare come here, we will burn them to ashes. Not one will be left alive,’ one fighter told us.

Their message over and over is that the people of Ukraine will fight to the end.


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35 Responses

  1. Tony Baker says:

    A very well put together documentary of the conflict so far. It is hard to see victims of war, but please keep up the documentaries so we can see and remember the horrors of war. These will be seen by future generations and hopefully they will learn.
    The Ukrainian people have the “Blitz Spirit” about them.

  2. Bardhi Beluli says:

    So heartbreaking seeing the solider see his newborn baby in on his most comfortable outfit. Glory to Ukraine.

    • Danny Tadashi says:


    • John Bradbury says:

      @L B ?

    • L B says:

      Warmonger! On the one hand you show empathy on the other hand you ball the fist! That is the problem of the WEST! Peace Agreement is the ONLY way out of this. Accept Neutrality! Kick NATO and Neo-Nazi’s OUT! Let CSTO (East Block) keep the PEACE!

  3. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams says:

    This is crazy. War going on and the country trying to go on as normal as possible. Strong people, strong will, strong unity. Watching this makes me realize what’s truly important.

  4. Jim Vick says:

    I could not imagine living a whole life in that town just to see this… It’s heart breaking…

    • Patricia Godbout says:

      @Underdog TV why?

    • Patrice AQA says:

      @Koh Lasa the army had no literally no knowledge that an invasion was going to happen. They can’t be called infidels. They are under orders from a lunatic gangster state. If you’re a Russian soldier you don’t have a choice but to fight. It’s your income and life, for your wife kids family etc. Their morale is appalling now. I do and will have sympathy for them

    • Koh Lasa says:

      @Patrice AQA dont be sorry for the infidels they will surely reap what they sow

    • Rosa Lind says:

      @Iam ThatIam I mean. It’s pretty goddam awful regardless of how tan people are.

      How’s the weather in Moscow by the way? Can you tell from whatever basement you writing us from?

  5. azher baig says:

    my heart goes out to the innocent civilians caught in this fight. War is hell. There is no such things as a clean war.

    • H H says:

      @Danny Tadashi Maybe fake is you, Putin troll!

    • L B says:

      @Jose luis perez OK! Do they owe anything to the EU? (Neo-Nazi’s) ??? Why make agreement with them?? That was their downfall it seems!

    • Stephen Clarke says:

      Very true. Especially dirty, when we are being fed massive amounts of propaganda in the West, all serving a western narrative of course.Its disgusting. The people in the two rogue states actually despise the Americans etc. Calling them “war mongering pigs” and other such names. See any of Patrick Lancaster video. An American was been living in Ukraine since the Maidan fighting in 2004. He is an independent crowd funded journalist. And has no affiliations of bias. War is unimaginable horror, we should ALL say NO to any war.

    • Jose luis perez says:

      @L B agreement for what Ukraine does not no agreement THEY DON’T need Russia they don’t owe anything to Russia,THANK’S COMMENT FROM CHICAGO…

  6. grace sophia says:

    It’s really heart breaking. Crying and praying continually for Ukraine. May God The Almighty strengthen all of you brothers and sisters! Love from Indonesia

  7. MidageQ says:

    I am so moved by the brave Ukrainians who choose to stay to defend for their country, the young man with two young sons in Kyiv; the musicians in Odessa, the make me tear, they make my blood boil! We are with you Ukraine!

    • Francelee Paris says:

      Get real… they did not ‘choose’ to fight.. they have been forced to fight by that dictator Zelensky, like in the last days of Berlin in 1945.. those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.. it’s in the Bible.. Zelensky sowed the wind, Putin in the whirlwind..😏

  8. skboog says:

    It makes me so unconfutable watching this from the safety of my home knowing this is happening right now while, great reporting I hope everyone feels this way until Ukraine receives the help it needs.

    • Cat says:

      @Detroit Skidrow let’s be real, i hate it when people who actually have it relatively very easy claim to live in the equivalent of a totalitarian state, with very few if any exceptions. i mean i do think there are overt double standards that are giving us all the sh1ts and coat Americans a lot of money in taxes while not taking adequate care of problems in the community with effective strategies that work.

      An odd example comes to mind. Edit: apparently I’m too lazy to write it out but it concerns homeless people, alligators, and local municipality policy.

      i mean I’m not gonna pull any punches, parts of the US look like a third world country or sort of.. worse.

      The only US prez i would compare with Putin is Bush. That has less to do with persona and more to do with invasion decisions.

    • Cat says:

      @Detroit Skidrow when you say “my” X, Y and Z, I’m not even American, so.. with respect, what are you on about when you call these wars my own?

    • Ding-a-ling says:

      @NothingWW3 is inevitable. It’s coming. USA just needs to get rid of Joe Biden.

    • Arizona Business League says:

      @Detroit Skidrow what are you even talking about?

  9. Pamela Lutes says:

    God Bless all that go and fight for the children mothers, fathers, Babies, and pets. God Bless all people in all of Ukrain. Pray it goes there way in the end and they triumph.

    • Legit Beans says:

      So many people invoking god to help well why not blame god for causing this war in the first place if he’s able to help?

  10. JNavu says:

    It’s so sad we’re experiencing this in this century no words can be put together to describe the sadness the people of Ukraine are going through I hope they find peace and help asap

    • Marco Antonio Lagunas says:

      Lol you funny 😁 😂 😀 usa have kill millions of people around the world

    • Pieter Gangel says:

      @Michael van Noort
      Had het Afghaanse leger Kabul maar net zo dapper verdedigd als de Oekraïeners hun land. En de Taliban hadden in tegenstelling tot de Russen geen raketten, vliegtuigen of zware artillerie.
      Terecht dat tolken en hun gezinnen worden opgevangen maar half Afghanistan tot Europa toelaten wordt wellicht wat veel.

    • Pieter Gangel says:

      @Anuar S
      Hello Anuar, look on the internet for UN missions Middle East. So many nations do their best to find a peaceful solution and it is a shame those efforts failed.
      The Ukrainian people are the direct neighbours of Poland en Slovakia and Hungary. And all these nations lived for many years under Russian rule and occupation. I think that is the main reason why they understand the Ukrainian struggle so well and are ready to help as much as possible.

    • Eh… says:

      @JNavu Ho and read my comment more carefully. Before you start threatening people, at least be sure you understood what they said. And by the way, your threat is EXACTLY the reason that people in other countries hesitate to take in people from the middle east. People like you appointing yourself as vicious spokesmen for them.

    • Eh… says:

      @JNavu AJNavu your reply was sent to my inbox. I think you must have meant to reply to someone else.

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