I’m a dad now

I’m a dad now


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31 Responses

  1. Charlotte Dobre says:

    Congratulations Felix!

  2. Autumn Monique says:

    Congratulations!! ❤ he’s already loved by many <3

  3. itsplaytime612 says:

    Congrats Felix and Marsha! 🎉🍼

  4. Connor Banning says:

    I know that we aren’t supposed to feel too attached to YouTubers but this is just lovely. Watching Felix throughout the years has been wonderful and this channel is a record of the life of a wonderful man. I am wholeheartedly sending my best wishes to Felix, Marzia, and Brøjn.

  5. Billy Bxrns says:

    PewDiePie’s transformation to being a young lad making random videos to where he is now is the most inspiring and wholesome story on YouTube. So proud you Felix!! 🙌🙏

  6. Ajax says:

    I started watching Felix when I was 8 years old… I was there in the beginning. I’m almost 20 now, and it’s just so unbelievable to see you become a father. We’re all very proud of you. I feel like I watched the birth of my younger brother, and I can’t wait to see how he grows up! ❤

  7. Subby says:

    Pewdiepie is a dad now? WE ARE GETTING OLD

  8. Tobin Ganger says:

    This video had me uncontrollably happy sobbing at points. Your family is beautiful Felix.

  9. Haley Sywak says:

    You know its so brave of Martzia to be on her own, with people who dont speak her language, in a foreign country with no family or Felix there to help her through the contractions and birth. Thats pretty wild considering the birth experience.

    • j u l i e says:

      I wonder why Felix couldn’t be there though? Just because of the pugs?

    • Nada Lopez says:

      @j u l i eyeah I was confused at that too? Why wasn’t he there during the birth of his child

    • Cakes says:

      ​@j u l i e maybe there’s a local outbreak of something or like a COVID case spike. To reduce risk of catching/spreading things???

    • j u l i e says:

      @Cakes I was thinking maybe since they’re in japan there might be some rule that they don’t allow visitors for more than 2 hours? But idk seems strange…

  10. Louise Paul says:

    I have been a parent for 5 years and I still am new to it all, 3 kids in 😭 congratulations Felix! You’ll be a great dad and Marcia will be a wonderful mum!

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