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34 Responses

  1. Yuma says:

    The fact that they can move and hug people could be huge for an actual restaurant. Imagine the joy people would get from visiting one.

  2. Rye-Rye99 says:

    I’ve never been so hyped for a movie in my life! The animatronics, the set, everything just looks beyond amazing! Thank you blumhouse, Scott, and everyone involved in this for making it happen! This movie is a dream come true for all us FNaF fans!! 🙂

  3. wooperfan77 says:

    You know what would’ve been fun? Having to play a quick game of FNAF 1 while you were there.

  4. Dr. Pepper says:

    Seeing Chica reach out her arms and gently pet Carl is one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever seen. This community has gone so far, man. I can already tell the movie’s going to be so good.

  5. LEX says:

    Seeing everyone interacting with the animatronics and the gang interacting back (giving hugs, high fives, etc) was one of the most heartwarming things I have ever seen. ❤

  6. Divine says:

    Gotta say, it’s very impressive how one man single handedly made an indie horror game, to a movie.

  7. Shadophaxx says:

    The puppeteers portraying the animatronics are truly the unsung heroes. The fact they could improvise so flawlessly to the guys talking to them is incredible

    • Boy Genius says:

      My question is where are the puppeteers? Because by Foxy’s exposed endo parts we can see there aren’t any puppeteers directly in the costumes, is it an under-floor setup like The Muppets, or mo-cap connected to the animatronics?

    • goopy says:

      @Sir Blackwood Compare the arms and legs of Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy when they were off-stage hugging and then when they were onstage the other day. You can see there is people in them wearing black sleeves and such the day they were hugging them, then you can see a very noticeable gap in the limbs on stage.

    • Nixus says:

      They’re not puppeteers, they are all real animatronics.

    • GloxoST says:

      @goopy the fact that we are discussing about them being real or fake on that part of the video shows how AMAZING they managed to make them.

    • ShinobiTreecko8 says:

      I think you misunderstand. Scenes with proper animatronic movement are ACTUAL animatronics. Scenes with fluid, unnatural human-like movement are people in costumes. What you see in this video are the real animatronics.

  8. EngRos says:

    I can’t get over how fluid the movement of the animatronics are, incredible! I’m so glad the Jim Henson company were involved in the making of this film.

    • WorldofFootball says:

      That’s because they are controlled by people. Foxy is the only 100% robot. Rest are animatronic/puppets. So they move so fluid due to puppeteers

    • Aaron Hennig says:

      ​@WorldofFootballThe ones hugging the people are mascot costumes with an articulated mascot head. This means that there are real people inside, just like the talking Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

      They are quite good at replicating animatronic movements though!

      Only Foxy is a real animatronic, which is why he has a mechanical crane attached to him in order to keep him up right.This also explains why nobody got to hug him.

  9. Takenparadox says:

    Absolutely wonderful seeing the set and the animatronics! Truly impressed how well Freddy and the gang moved, and their expressions were priceless.

    Also 100% would’ve hugged Foxy, he looked a little left out.

    • Identitymatrix says:

      Lets appreciate for a moment how insanely good they nailed the expressions with the few possibilities they actually have.
      They didn’t hug Foxy because it could harm someone or damage Foxy, it’s the only fully mechanical suit.

  10. SuperChase 64 says:

    I’m very happy that you guys were able to have such an amazing experience of the movie! Although I do wish I was apart of it ………… actually I think I speak for everyone!!😂😂 But all that aside, happy you guys had a blast meeting the animatronics themselves!!❤❤

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