I’m a Pro Baseball Player… That’s Also A Nerd!

I’m a Pro Baseball Player… That’s Also A Nerd!

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22 Responses

  1. ihy tj says:

    Trevor’s awkwardness trying to talk and listen to Japanese speakers is the most entertaining thing I’ve watched this week

    • CFSportsClub says:

      I lived there for 4 1/2 years… unless you know them personally for a while… it’s like that with most of them. They make it awkward lol

    • Wavxy says:

      @CFSportsClub bruh you lucky mf I need to get tf out of New York 🤣

    • Maurice W says:

      He’s getting better and like that he’s putting in the effort. Some foreigners will only speak English and get mad when Japanese people don’t.

  2. huffingcat says:

    this is one of the most interesting yt channels. Dont really watch baseball but your whole journey is insane

  3. Kostas Kotoulas says:

    I always love it when Trevor analyzes the mechanics of pitching. Keep forgetting that he was an engineering major in UCLA and it makes total sense that he would approach pitching this way.

  4. Extraordinary Bluesky says:

    You are a rare presence who shows the real behind-the-scenes of a baseball player. That’s why you have managed to cultivate a fan base, and this is harder to attain than good stats.

  5. Steph O says:

    I love this channel. Been following since Cincinnati. No one shows you behind the scenes like Trevor does. Amazing how down to earth Trevor is, too!

  6. Dj House says:

    Am I the only one bummed when the vlog ends !!?? Trevor… We need more Bro !!

  7. おみさしる says:

    This channel is turning into such a great resource for any baseball player interested in playing in Japan. The pros and cons are hard to wrap your head around when you’ve never been to the country, but this really shows a candid look into the everyday life of a pro baseball player.

  8. 1st_riddick says:

    My favorite thing is how much TB loves to interact with the fans. He needs to get a teacher so he can learn to speak and understand would love to see the faces of fans light up when they can connect over conversation rather than just smiles.

  9. legendor says:

    brooo most people would never include 21:40 in a video. Trevor is the best, and I totally relate to him on the Baseball/Nerd stuff

    • うっかり八兵衛 says:

      日本人の「変態」が行くエリアですね! 😂😂😂

    • World's Largest Nerd says:

      As someone who grew up playing sports but also a huge nerd its always interesting to see someone in the bigs that shares the hobbies the “cool kids” look down on

    • legendor says:

      @World’s Largest Nerd yeah he definitely inspires me !

  10. Archie S says:

    21:43 The reaction of trever strolling in 18+ zone by complete accident is priceless.

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