Im Back! – Where I’ve Been

Im Back! – Where I’ve Been

Im Back! – Where I’ve Been
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Thanks for Watching once again 🙂

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19 Responses

  1. PROBZZ says:

    It was so nice to just see and hear you talk to us for 11 minutes… This just goes to show that we all love you and will support whatever content you provide us. Good to see you back <3

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Never thought I’d see another one of your videos again until a full year had passed, I’m just glad you’re okay man.

  3. Mango says:

    “Playing a game constantly, that I loved – that I knew I loved – but didn’t have the same feeling for anymore”

    Couldn’t have said it better. Love you dude and hope you find the right path. Do what makes you happy, especially if that includes some Apex Legends

  4. Pumpkinhead1319 says:

    Hearing you say “have a good night” has always filled me with warm, fuzzy feelings. I’m excited to see what the future of your channel holds!

  5. Adam Wei ßhaupt says:

    Oh man.. that outro… those feelings, I can’t describe how much I’m happy that you are back!!! I hope it does work all out now and we start to get some nostalgic vibes again! We love you and we support you no matter how difficult the time is❤️

  6. Ayrun says:


  7. Manu Deza says:

    The CHILLS I had when the outro music started playing. We missed you a lot, I don’t care what you play, as long as you’re having fun. Welcome back! <3

  8. Kyle McNulty says:

    I never comment on videos, just wanted to say that I totally get the feeling of not knowing how to go forward and just needing to ground yourself to figure out your own life. Whether it’s commentary or games or whatever career path you decide to take you’ve not only entertained me and many others but have also been an inspiration to persevere. Best of wishes <3

  9. TTK Cranz says:

    I remember coming home and wanting to watch you’re old 360 montages, I remember when you hit 100k! You hit I think 400k and didn’t really expect it. I have faith in you and do believe that you will make a comeback sooner rather than later. I believe in you Noob! You got this. Stay strong #ReturnOfNo0b3

  10. Jesse Rey says:

    You can play or do whatever you want no one’s stopping you I’m just glad to see you as a person holy crap I’m actually crying 😅 whatever you decide to do next whatever you decide to play I’m pretty sure everyone here will back you up

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