“Spectacular!” – Rich Eisen on the 49ers’ 42-19 Dismantling of the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 13

“Spectacular!” – Rich Eisen on the 49ers’ 42-19 Dismantling of the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 13

Rich Eisen reacts to the 49ers’ 42-19 dismantling of the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 13 and what it means for the NFL’s pecking order.

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55 Responses

  1. @TheFacelessStoryMaker says:

    That game was insane. 49ers struggling big time in the 1st quarter but in the 2nd quarter they just fired on all cylinders and decimated the Eagles decisively. Unreal game to have seen.

    • @Fernando_616 says:

      The first qtr made the rest of the game even better for me 😂

    • @lulugust8140 says:

      everybody says the same thing about the 49ers when they’re down in the first quarter especially….. but Kyle Shannon scheme doesn’t get past me lol!! he knows what he’s doing he does this on any big game when they’re down the first quarter he waits to see what his enemy is doing….. then he unfolds his Playbook and weapons!! you have to learn your enemy first not just by watching their games against other opponents but watching inside your own game against them LOL as much as people say Kyle Shanahan is predictable….. he still comes up with the same old schemes that people still overlook

    • @travisrhodes1477 says:

      9ers D never “Struggled” for 1M of that game

    • @Fernando_616 says:

      @@lulugust8140 this is what I told my nephew lol Kyle likes to feel out the opponent sometimes and take his time. Then that counter punch comes out and it’s over

  2. @BootCampSpecimen says:

    Niners were negative yards starting out. Coming out of that and then dominating Philly was super impressive.

  3. @phillipellis2119 says:

    Went to the game as 49er fan. Amazing atmosphere. Noise incredible during firs quarter, and then it got a lot quieter. By end of game only Niners fans were left. Really impressive performance

  4. @mh8757 says:

    Rich Eisen is the most and possibly the only reasonable sports guy.

  5. @freaklore says:

    Don’t forget about Kyle Juszczyk, the unsung hero blocking each down. Hopefully he gets a few more touches also.

    • @mikeymiiiike9880 says:

      Right. Juice and kittle just playing amazing unselfish football.

    • @davidlandrum says:

      Blocking is fun.

    • @TheKurgain says:

      There are so many offensive weapons he always gets forgotten about. Expect him to have a big game in the near future.

    • @bobbymoss6160 says:

      Juice and Kittle played unselfish team ball yesterday. That’s how you win games and the Super Bowl.

    • @dlt2k7 says:

      One of the knocks that people like to say about Purdy is “Who has he made better?”. I always answer that he’s made Jusczyk, Aiyuk, and Jennings all better because he’s able to get them more involved in the passing attack than any other QB was able to, adding to the arsenal of weapons they have.

  6. @kingvirmire5935 says:

    Maybe now the Eagles coordinators will realize the playcalling needs adjustments. Playing too passive. We got trashed. GG Niners.

    • @tlm19670 says:

      Tbh I think this was more of a problem for Johnson than for Desai, Desai put guys in position to make plays a lot (on the pass at least) and they couldn’t close. I think the run defense against CMC looked bad scheme-wise though, so that’s on Desai. With Johnson… something about the way he schemes has screwed with Jalen’s reads (which is obviously on Jalen too) in a way that Steichen’s playbook didn’t

    • @joes2321 says:

      You guys keep blaming the coaches but your players on defense are overrated and overpaid. Slay and Bradberry aren’t good if the line doesn’t get right through.

      You guys thought Gannon wasn’t good, now you think Brian Johnson and desai aren’t good. Maybe your players are just overrated?

    • @evolutionstationmusic2559 says:

      @@joes2321 I’m a 45 year eagles fan and I agree with this 100% great point. if our defensive high paid players were worth their money, they would all be all pros and have stopped .. oh I don’t know one or two of 6 touchdowns in a row? It’s over for us this year. Last year was our chance and we legit should have won the superbowl with a 10 point lead. Jalen is my guy and Nick is our coach, but our window was last year. We will be always top 4 team for next few years, but SB hopes are done as long as 49ers are who they are.. which is a complete team offense and defense, and eagles are not (they were last year)

    • @oozieneinmillimeeda says:

      playcalling won’t change a thing. Purdy is unstoppable against zone, the playmakers are unstoppable against man, and I havent even talked about the best defense in football

    • @Draconisrex1 says:

      Your defense is all front-four pass rush. The back seven are trash and you can’t play the run in any unit. You’re 29th in points surrendered per drive for a reason.

  7. @HoopleHeadUSA says:

    Shoutout to Kittle’s BLOCKING! Clutch to 2 of Deebo’s TDs. Hustling all over and making the play happen. In addition to his regular Kittle things. Elite 🔥

    • @rohanshah7559 says:

      George kittle second best player on that team after CMC, bro just does it all

    • @thatguy2408 says:

      @@rohanshah7559 every time he was assigned reddick, reddick was a non factor.

      If all I needed was for my tight end to just be a receiver. I’ll take Kelce (he bigger and a better route runner). But if I need my tight end to actually do tight end things. Kittle is the best in the league. And the great thing is. Everybody in league knows it (even reddick now).

    • @nelsonnigel6845 says:

      i agree, best-blocking tide end

    • @peytonseitz6233 says:

      Yea he held wonderfully

    • @dougieb9131 says:

      @@peytonseitz6233you can hold this L wonderfully😅

  8. @crazymas88 says:

    Purdy started 0-6 and after that only 2 incomplete passes what a legend

    • @USALeonHeart says:

      He’s having one of the best passing seasons of all time and I feel like I’m taking crazy pills since people refuse to see it.

    • @crazymas88 says:

      @@USALeonHeart same honestly, how on earth is he not in mvp talks when he should be leading! My 4 people on the like ballot thing they should be showing at the awards is
      Dak (stats)

    • @thinkbetter49ers says:

      O and 4 you mean

    • @radanfabiano says:

      ​@@USALeonHeart Exactly! People should be enjoying but prefer to diminish him. And to imagine that he is only in his 2nd year and only will get better is amazing.

  9. @tuomasholo says:

    Rich has been a Brock believer since start. It took awhile for others to believe but I think they’re coming around.

  10. @ryansantoro9470 says:

    The crazy thing was that Purdy didn’t even get a completion until halfway of the 2nd quarter. And they still decimated the Eagles by 4 scores

    • @hazydaze1170 says:

      49ers woulda hung 50 with an extra quarter. 42 – 19 isn’t even indicative on just how bad of a beatdown this was.

    • @JungleJuiceJoey says:

      ​@@hazydaze1170honestly yeah. The score doesn’t really indicate how dominant the niners played today. Felt like every run/throw was a first down for SF. Eagles just had some scramble tds

    • @DrRelientD says:

      ​@@JungleJuiceJoeyNot at all saying he’s a bum or bad or anything truly negative about his skill-set, but I don’t think Hurts is a top 5 QB without the best o-line in football.

    • @Fernando_616 says:

      @@DrRelientDgonna have to disagree about the Hurts and the line. Bosa said post game the plan was to move him from his spot, protect the middle from becoming a running lane, and make him throw. Hurts couldn’t do much outside of the 1st qtr and garbage time. Watch Dallas copy our game plan next week

    • @benger88 says:

      Brock went 19/23 after those first 4 incompletions!

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