Welcome to a reaction to the FINAL Fnaf movie trailer. This gives us a huge look into the movie and I am completely shocked over how incredible it all looks. Enjoy!


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43 Responses

  1. AbatedSaturn425 says:

    I’m so happy that Scott even gave a little bit of credit to the youtubers that always played all the amazing games he made 🙂

  2. Jackson Bottom says:

    The fact that Cory is a taxi driver is so cool, glad to see he’s acknowledging the YouTubers that put him on the platform he has today

  3. Lolly says:

    As someone who was really worried about this film, it does seem to be coherent and fleshed out than i expected! With how security breach went i thought the story was just done and everything was gonna be vague, baity and storyless. But this is giving me hope! Even if it doesnt have lore to do with the game it does seem to have an actual story and the fact that the people who helped this franchise boom is the cherry on top! Congrats to all you guys!

    • Neji Hyuga says:

      Same here man, and also im expecting the film would be rated R

    • Devyn Leoni says:

      how is it coherent? how is springtrap in the movie while william afton is clearly alive? how?

    • Gramer says:

      ​​@Devyn Leonifnaf game lore ≠ fnaf movie lore

      It would be reasonable if the movie’s lore was slightly altered to fit and for it to actually have a coherent story

    • Lolly says:

      @Devyn Leoni if you’re talking about the games idk if the lore is gonna line up with that exactly, I brought up security breach because that game was just a mess of random lore bits and i still dont even undertsand the “story”, I was worried the movie would be the same.

    • Editah Quilana says:

      @Devyn Leoniwell one thing to look at is at 4:52 you can see a bit of William’s neck there meaning he didn’t got spring-locked yet in the suit. And why the suit looks like springtrap is that probably look old and withered.

  4. Mr H says:

    I am simply amazed at the pure effort put into this movie. God bless this film. God bless the people who worshipped the games. god bless Scott Cawthon. And god bless YOU.

  5. John-Jim Milton says:

    Honestly, this film seems much better than I thought it’d be.

    The voice at 7:41 is definitely Matthew Lillard, Afton’s actor. So I guess Afton’s pretending to be this Steve Raglan person to convince people (Mike, in this case) to get the night shift job.

    • Austin Forgie says:

      Oh so Steve Raglan is a cover interesting.

    • 80s kid wannabe 2 says:

      I wonder how Mike Afton doesn’t recognize his father’s voice though… unless the last time he heard his father’s voice was when he was a boy decades ago.

    • Austin Forgie says:

      @80s kid wannabe 2 William could’ve pulled a different voice I don’t know. The purple guy is a cunning villain.

    • FeenieVonKarma says:

      Actually this does make sense because wouldn’t William Afton be a name that people could look up and find a bunch of old articles about establishments being shut down and kids going missing? If he wants to rope new people in, it totally makes sense to use an alias.

    • Us]] says:

      @80s kid wannabe 2 well if I remember correctly Afton has a British accent so that could play into it

  6. Noob says:

    It’s just really nice seeing you grow not just as a YouTuber, but as a person as a whole. I can’t express how much i am proud to see you right now, who would’ve thought that years ago,this movie would be made and qith YOU in it? You honestly deserve it, for all the work you did with this community AND for also providing quality entertainment FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS. This is the best birthday gift Scott and everyone in the production staff could ever give to you.

  7. M4SK_ED says:

    To see you, Lewis, Baz and Papa Razz (+ Cory thank you for reminding me guys) in the FNAF movie as a cameo and you guys just coming from playing the game originally as a content creator is insane to see. You guys have come so far and deserve it all

  8. Sarah Stvincént says:

    I’ve been in this fandom from the jump and seeing the horror game that was considered to be nothing special by my peers get so successful over the years, so much so it has its own movie now, made me feel all warm and tingilly in my chest 🤧

    I feel like a proud Dad😤🥳
    even though im a woman 🤣

    • Austin Forgie says:

      It’s pure fan excitement. We’ve waited for this since it was revealed back in 2015 7 years after all the Warner Bros drama and finding the perfect script and director and production studio and it’s finally being paid off. We’ve got the perfect actors, director and production studio the movie is faithful to the games and it’s just amazing. Think of how Dawko reacted when finally beating 50/20 it’s like that.

    • X-Cosmic Vixen-X says:

      This has been part of my childhood since I was 8 so I can def relate lmao

    • Remix Remi says:

      Sweating from my eyes, very relatable, the temperature’s not even hot! 😢

    • Javier says:

      You are always making the same comment

  9. Game boy Brother says:

    Honestly, FNAF owes a lot to YouTubers for its popularity. Without them, this franchise wouldn’t have blown up as it did. So nice to see them appreciated as former employees of the month within the pizzeria.

  10. RareEnigma™ says:

    Congratulations to you, Cory, Fusion and Dawko! You all deserve more blessings and opportunities.

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