“I’m Just Too Slick For Him” – Conor McGregor Talks Coaching TUF Against Michael Chandler

“I’m Just Too Slick For Him” – Conor McGregor Talks Coaching TUF Against Michael Chandler

Robbie finally gets a real interview with his white whale, Conor McGregor! McGregor sat down with Robbie following the semi-finals of The Ultimate Fighter and discussed how filming the show went, where his respect level for Michael Chandler is at, how he sees that fight going down, his proudest accomplishments, greatest rivals, and more!


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36 Responses

  1. Will Sharlow says:

    i love how this guy went from holding up free conor signs and asking him for a pic to having conor chilling with him for 14 mins like they’re true buds sharing beer and shots i fkn love it.

  2. J Thompson says:

    This is probably the coolest interview I’ve seen with Conor. I’m not sure how you landed this interview but phenomenal job!

  3. CoolToMe says:

    A seemingly genuine Conor. It is so refreshing to finally see him just be himself. Controversies and weird instagram stories has made the man feel the most distant from the sport in a long time. It’s really cool to see him chat in a regular way.

  4. Harry O' Callaghan says:

    I love how he hides the pint of stout behind the bottle of whiskey because he knew the pour was absolutely atrocious 😂

  5. Ismaiel Aden says:

    This McGregor interview was a breath of fresh air… Love this side of composed & focused McGregor 🙌

  6. E2theEyeTheta says:

    This is probably my favorite Conor interview. You got to see the genuine side of him and the fact that you got to drink with him is nothing short of amazing! Keep up the great work brother!

  7. Jenna-cidal ♥️ says:

    This is the genuine Conor I like to see. Just being himself. Loved the respect to Chandler as well. ❤

  8. Alejandro says:

    I don’t know if he was just in a great mood or if he felt comfortable with Robbie and opened up, but this was the best Conor interview in a really long time. Thanks!

  9. Warren Farrell says:

    As a irishman couldnt be happier for conor, we are going to see the conor we all love, the beast who ran through the divison, focused and determined he is a dangerous man, great interview kid keep it up 🇮🇪

    • Barry 🇮🇪 says:

      @Richmanprime McGregor was better than Volkqnovski though. I think Conor is an absolute twat at times but I think going up and fighting at higher weight classes and winning belts in them is much more impressive than dominating featherweight and also Conor is a bit of a victim of his own success because he took 2 years of his prime out to fight Floyd in boxing and then came back as an angry cokehead. That shouldn’t diminish how good he was from 2013-2016 though

    • George Freemon says:

      @Richman Shame yet when the world thinks of a Irish icon, they think of Conor. You mad you or your mates living on the road didn’t build yourself like Conor.

  10. T C says:

    “He didn’t throw the trolley, it slipped” 😂😂😂 I still die from that video

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