I’m Not A YouTuber Anymore

I’m Not A YouTuber Anymore

*read the title in my Troom Troom voice*

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Where I’m at:

🔴 @Simply Not Logical (livestreams):

🎧 @SimplyPodLogical (podcast):

💅 @Holo Taco (my nail polish brand):


📱 Simply Socials:

http://www.simplynailogical.com (archival materials)

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27 Responses

  1. My Simple Little Pleasures says:

    Mental health is crucial to creation – I’m so glad you’re doing what makes you HAPPY 💜 Because in the end that’s what’s most important – finding joy, holding it close, and you’re still spreading that joy and sharing some with us!

    • My Simple Little Pleasures says:

      @Metzli I think the opposite is also true – creation can be crucial to mental health! Try to give yourself grace and not be too rough with expectations – if it’s bringing you joy in the process, sometimes that’s enough even if you don’t completely love the final outcome 💜

    • Metzli says:

      “Mental health is crucial to creation” well no wonder everything that I attempt turns to shit, my mental health is in shambles xD

    • irradiated_woman says:

      This whole video just made me think I really hope shes in therapy!! @SimplyNailogical gal take care of yourself 💜

    • jennys1983 says:

      Love that Colette, completely agree ❤️

  2. Sophia Miller says:

    I feel like, though this channel isn’t active, that doesn’t mean Cristine is actually gone from YouTube. She is actually more connected to her community now than before. This is just another chapter in the Simply legacy! ❤

  3. Swell Entertainment says:

    Your’e a rockstar and it’s always hard to walk away from something, but you’ve built an incredible channel, fanbase, and now company. Sending love and I’m glad your’re doing what makes you happy!

  4. saira822 says:

    Yours is one of the only channels I can honestly say I’ve grown and stayed with. While my tastes have changed so has your channel. I love love love your podcast channel! It’s smart and funny, also a little more grown up. Appreciate all the work you put into your channels and your passions. You make being a strong woman seam a little bit easier. Thanks for that! We need more of you out there.

    • tng og says:

      And not even being strong. Just like a normal person existing and sharing bits of her life and values! Just the normalcy is honestly most of what I like about Simply’s videos, her personality, her goofiness and struggles (what she’s comfortable sharing), and her and Ben’s interactions/connection.

    • Graceful says:

      I can relate. As someone who discovered Cristine’s channel many years ago as a 12 year old girl, I can say that her videos have grown with me and I still enjoy her content

    • chelsea shift says:

      Yes I love how we’ve all grown together here!

    • R. Steer says:

      So so true! I have grown bored of so many other content creators because they don’t change.

  5. Caroline Baker says:

    I for one never even noticed the “lack of videos” with the plethora of other content you put out that pops up on my feed everyday! You do you girl, you already do so much more than most of us could truly imagine!!! I’ve been a fan and a lurker since the good ole polish mountain days, and you literally got me into painting my nails with your silliness. You’re a gold star and you should feel nothing but proud of all you’ve done.

  6. TheOneKEA says:

    Of course you’re not “just” a YouTuber anymore! You’re a badass multi-disciplinary, endlessly creative, delightfully entertaining CEO and founder of one of the hottest new brands of consumer products to yet be created! You’re also a highly productive, endlessly creative, hilariously entertaining live-streamer, podcaster and genuine gamer who delivers far more content than any of us could have ever predicted! Your fan base will understand and your fan base will always be here to enjoy whatever you produce for us. Thanks!

  7. Sophia Miller says:

    I can’t thank people like you, Jenna, Safiya, and Threadbanger enough. You all gave us your time, your jokes, your ideas, and you for free. You were the bit of joy that kept some of us going in the grayness that is the world. I am so proud of your growth and thankful for every moment we got on this channel. On to a new journey! Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

  8. Johannablaise says:

    Aww Cristine! We are fans of you, and that means a lot of us are happy to just see you enjoy yourself and thrive. Your podcasts with Ben are a weekly highlight and being able to interact with you during streams really makes us feel like a community, one that cares about one another. Please look after yourself and know we are here no matter where your journey takes you and us!

  9. 19SuperSarah92 says:

    Once again, just adoring how Cristine is so thoughtful and articulate. No one can expect any channel staying the same over the years, and Cristine still gives us podcasts, products and love. Thank you Cristine!

  10. Konetting people says:

    As a girl in a rural town in South Africa, your vids was really my introduction to “Youtubers”. Through this channel I discovered a world of content that lifts me up when I’m down or is just something really dumb fun to watch after a really hard day spent alongside sickbeds and with people with hectic traumas. I even scraped up the courage to start my own channel through you. Through this channel I also discovered the world of podcasts that aren’t just info on dieting or TED talks. Simplypodlogical gives me such a better understanding of the world, helped to shape my way of thinking and also gave me the best Subreddid ever.
    This channel has been magical and massively impactful on my life and just like the Jenna Marbles videos I will keep on rewatching them whenever I need my fix.
    Thanx Simply, you did one hell of a good thing and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter has in store.

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