its the disney channel original movie ZOMBIES and its Danny and he’s gonna talk about it and it’s gonna be very good!

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46 Responses

  1. Hana Zupan says:

    obsessed with the fact that the main girl’s “real hair” is an infinitely worse wig than the wig we know is a wig

    • Christie b says:

      True. Looks like plastic.

    • Deen says:

      Also as the movies go on her white hair gets progressively less white and turns platinum blonde. But sure Addison, go off about how hard you have it because your hair is more blonde than normal.

    • Aldranza M says:

      Also that she’s deeply insecure about it, but she choses a wig, which can fall off at any time, instead of dyeing her hair. Although apparently hair dye doesn’t exist in this world because no zombie dyes their hair black.

    • Luma says:


    • Summer Helmer says:

      ​@Aldranza M in the movie she said dye didn’t work on her hair

  2. _its_ Lunar_ says:

    I’m really glad Danny highlighted how the racism analogy fundamentally does not work. The same issue applies to most racism allegories in fiction because the stand in for minorities is always mutants, aliens, etc, but that comparison will always fall short because in the real world minorities literally have zero differences beyond superficial aesthetics. Even if the zombies never ate people the allegory still doesn’t work because they are still on some level physiologically different to humans in a way ie black people to white people aren’t

    • Average garfield fan says:

      It’s similar to why zootopia doesn’t work, both zombies and predators were a threat + have the opportunity to continue to be a threat, the prey/humans have genuine reasons to be afraid of them, racism doesn’t work like that idk why directors are convinced it makes sense

    • SmartEpic says:

      comparing minorities to hostile creatures comes off as very racist. idk what these directors are thinking.

    • Jonathan Davies says:

      I think a stand in works fine provided it isn’t inherently harmful. By it’s very nature an allegory is never going to be an exact match.

    • gAY dumbass says:

      @Average garfield fan to me the way I make sense of it is that with kids movies, as is what most of these movies are, Racism is a very heavy topic and while it is important to teach kids about these issues you need to do it in a way that won’t traumatize them, like there’s a reason movies like the OG Disney’s Pinoccho aren’t being made anymore and it’s also easier to explain to kids who is who by giving each side defining characteristics that set them apart, there are definitely better ways to do this than Z-O-M-B-I-E-S or any other movie who use genuinely dangerous characters as the oppressed people but there’s also a fine line between explaining heavy topics and getting sued

      this movie still sucks but that’s just my opinion on the matter, I’m an internet stranger with too much time on my hands.

  3. Izzy Reese says:

    “not only is this a bad zombie movie, it’s also a terrible metaphor for racism” – Danny Gonzalez 2023

  4. MayaButLikeBetter 23 says:

    Danny really out here on the hunt for Kevin. First he ghosted him, now he calls him a cannibal. Just leave the poor boy alone.😂

  5. violet says:

    i love how she says “doctors cant explain it” when there are literally several reasons that someone can be born with white hair loll

    • ImmoralJester says:

      I literally KNEW a kid born with a white streak of hair. We called him skunk and made fun of him for it so pretty realistic.

    • Pepper Saltsman says:

      Also what doctor wouldn’t recognize alien DNA when running tests

    • ImmoralJester says:

      @Pepper Saltsman I mean since she was born at all they must have analogous chromosomes. Even if they for some reason did a DNA test I doubt they actually checked the straight up code.

    • Fandom_Destoryer says:

      My dad’s haired turned shock white by the time he was 15

    • pickle juice says:

      @ImmoralJester I have a patch of white hair on the top of my head and the side and if someone would call me a skunk I would probably return the insult but 10x worse

  6. Wild Ape Man says:

    Thing about Addison is in every movie she tries to apply her drama to the new species

    • Julia M. says:

      It’s a lot less blatant in the first one, where for most of the movie her being nice to zombies and going out of her way to support them makes her a pretty good ally, but they completely mess it up in the second, where she is played strait as a white (haired) savior.

      They should’ve just left that ugly party city wig on the cutting room floor. Addison reads as far more selfless and pro-active when the movies don’t go out of the way to tell us that she’s “just like them” and knows stuggle.

  7. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    this movie says as much about our society as that one pepsi commercial where kendall jenner takes a break from a photoshoot to save a street protest… by handing one of the crowd control officers a can of pepsi 💀

  8. Julia Nashif says:

    I’m so confused on if Danny is pro-zombie integration or anti-zombie integration

  9. Mario Brothers Fan 2 says:

    Somehow the canonical explanation for the white hair is 10x more wild then what Danny came up with

  10. yourfavoritelurker says:

    the moment with the joke he made about trolls being a PERFECT foreshadow of the second movie but with werewolves HAS to be the funniest part of the entire video

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