Important Update

Important Update

Hey guys, sorry I vanished but I think you’ll understand when you hear why.
More details here ►

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40 Responses

  1. perduct says:

    I really hope you’re okay Mark! We understand if you feel like you need more time offline, and that’s okay! Condolences to you and your family. ❤

  2. Goblin Tacos says:

    RIP to your Grandmother. Take your time Mark, we love the content and we will be here. Can’t wait to see your movie!

  3. X-Omnistar-X says:

    My grandfather just passed away too. We buried him just a few days ago. It’s absolutely amazing and inspiring how you are able to come out and talk about this so openly with your fans. Stay safe, Mark.

  4. v1c4r10u5 says:

    I admit, I braced internally at ‘you may have heard some rumours about me’ but then Mark continues to be wholesome as hell, and all is well. Heartfelt condolences to you and your family in this difficult time.

  5. Only a bit of luck says:

    Your personal life is most important to us Mark, you get back to us in your own time. Thank you for everything you do for us.

    • FantaGuyX says:


    • Hope says:

      Markiplier lost his grandma because my content is better 😂

  6. Some random gamer says:

    My condolences about your Grandma, Mark. She’d be proud of you.

  7. Cotton Eye Joe says:

    I really like how Mark says that he thinks we’ll understand, not hopes. He knows his audience, You’re amazing Mark. I wish you and your family so much kindness.

  8. TheGamingLucario says:

    Mark im glad you went through the traditional way as well when my grandmother died they honored her with a higher grave style because my grandpa had like a bunch of medals back in the day during the war I don’t really know which because my grandpa died before I got to meet him but I’m glad it helped you heal a lot more stay strong Korean brother 💪

  9. Louikies says:

    Sometimes I feel like mark is too good for us he is such a amazing person in every category

  10. Jacob Swift says:

    Markiplier is one of the most genuine people who doesn’t shy away from the hard things life can throw at all of us. I’m sad to hear he has lost his grandmother but seems like he was able to get closure. His dedication to being the good person he has always been is beyond admirable. I hope the road ahead is bright and that he has good favor in all endeavors!

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