Incredible Ups & Downs at Wembley | England vs. Germany 3-3 | Highlights | Men Nations League

Incredible Ups & Downs at Wembley | England vs. Germany 3-3 | Highlights | Men Nations League

Enjoy the highlights of England vs. Germany from the Men Nations League. #ENGGER

Goals: 0:1 Gündoğan (Penalty, 52.), 0:2 Havertz (67.), 1:2 Shaw (72.), 2:2 Mount (75.), 3:2 Kane (Penalty, 83.), 3:3 Havertz (87.)

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27 Responses

  1. ALEX Kuriah WA Mutogoni says:

    Maguire is ridiculously good. When he’s not defending, he’s scoring or giving assists… Greatest of all time

  2. ItsCrazy says:

    I hope this channel naver ends and keeps spreading happiness.❤😊
    This vid is already a classic
    I can’t wait to tell my grandkids this was the greatest youtuber of my time.

  3. Piyush Nagarkar says:

    In Maguire we trust , the new slogan for every opposition team , the guy is legendary , he’s naturally gifted.

  4. Ademola Micheal says:

    “A goal is a goal,doesn’t matter on which side you score”
    – Lord Maguire

  5. thomas kamau says:

    Maguire is the most complete defender of our time.
    What a player?
    Absolutely Legendary.

    • Darker Region says:

      Play both striker and defender in a match while on the same side of the pitch. What a complete player. The most unique legends among legends.

  6. WTFx says:

    Maguire never disappoints with these artful performances. A true hero of the people…German people.

  7. Anton Heimdal says:

    The speed, the agility and tactical genius of Maguire did well for both teams, but better for the German team.

  8. KILLER BEE says:

    That last Ter Stegen’s save is world – class

  9. thornbottle says:

    Maguire is such a talent, he plays extremely consistently, even when he is on the bench or sitting at home looking after the kids he has the same affect on games

  10. Tomasz Starzyk says:

    95% comments here confirm Maguire’s pure brilliance and talent. Keep it up man

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