Klay Thompson Talks Ring No. 4 + Draymond Green & Jordan Poole’s Importance To Warriors | NBA on TNT

Klay Thompson Talks Ring No. 4 + Draymond Green & Jordan Poole’s Importance To Warriors | NBA on TNT

“Without Draymond we’re not the Warriors and without JP we’re not the Warriors.”

Klay speaks on Draymond and Jordan being an integral part of GSW 💙

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40 Responses

  1. Mitch Rapp says:

    Klay the only guy that can talk about load management and everyone nods their head in agreement

  2. GranDMarquicE says:

    Klay a real one.. he gave respect to KD for playin a major part.. so the media should shut up

    • DN says:

      At least he confessed it. It seems like Curry has a hard time to say we couldn’t beat lebron full squad in CLE without KD coming on board

    • NIGGWARD says:

      it’s about how kd did it. not how he played….. lebron doesnt get the same flak tho i will agree… so ig you right 🤣🤣🤣

    • vroomvroom says:

      @SexyJabo adam silver was too much

    • Brandon Watson says:

      @SexyJabo warriors didnt beg lol did you not see the interview. KD was already bought in and said this would be a great place to be. He just wanted to chat with steph and make sure he was ok with it

  3. Chord Macson says:

    Klay is very humble, thanking those from the past who helped him such as Coach Jackson and Durant who contributed to his success as well. Respect to that.

  4. Lowell Ed says:

    Klay always has a cool vibe around him

  5. Apna white says:

    Never in my lifetime thought I would listen to Klay talking about barcenola and tiki taka😂

  6. Ha Vu says:

    Klay giving props to KD for helping them get them 2.

    • Stephordless says:

      @David Flores after game 3…. That’s not something you skip over my nicca. Plus with Kyrie and Love being injured they was supposed to win. Just how they knocked the Spurs off as soon as Khawi got injured. Especially since they supposedly never needed KD.

    • David Flores says:

      @Stephordless after game 3 the Cavs didn’t win a single game what? It wasn’t a sweep but once the adjustments were made (alongside the fact Lebron was basically alone this is true), the Warriors had won rather convincingly.

      2016 went down to the wire, 2010 Lakers Celtics went down to the wire.

      98 Bulls Jazz were a closer series than the 2015 finals.

    • Stephordless says:

      @David Flores Yes you do especially if your team that has multiple stars is fully healthy. While playing against an injured 1-man team. You’re supposed to win in 4 or 5 games. 6 games is literally 1 game from 7 which means that it was stand-off. What part of that don’t you understand?😂😂😂

    • David Flores says:

      @Stephordless You don’t barely win a series in 6 games. The Cavs barely beat the Warriors in 7 games, not the Warriors “barely” beating Cleveland in 6 games. So annoying

  7. Daniel Escamilla says:

    Shaq and Charles going at it on live tv… I love it!

  8. Crab lord says:

    Klay just chilling listening to Chuck and Shaq bicker is comedy

  9. James Kim says:

    “Last few years were not easy.” but you came thru!!!! Klay is the best.

  10. bbouro says:

    Chuck and Shaq arguing over nothing, Klay with the vibes….what more can you ask for!! NBA is back babyyyy

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