Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – re:View

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – re:View

Okay, Doomer! Mike and Rich embark on an epic adventure without leaving the comfort of their chairs! On the eve of the release of the “final” Indiana Jones film “Dials of Density”, Mike and Rich decide to look back at the least loved film of the trilogy, Temple of Doom (Rich was the least loved child of 18 children) Listen to these two morons talk about a movie from 1984! Four decades before all of you were born. They can’t possibly be THAT stupid right? Why aren’t they posting TikTok prank videos? Or on Insta filming car wrecks and laughing at bum fights? Or making a true crime podcast. Or giving their cash away in piles like The Beast. Why don’t they argue about things on Twitter with total strangers? Does Rich Evans wear diapers? YES! What would possess these two to talk about something old and pointless. Well, kids it’s because they love moopies. They really love old moopies and make mud pies in their pants.

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32 Responses

  1. Metal Blade Records says:

    Enjoy the LPs! Tried to send a lovely variety. The last one is an electronic artist from Italy called MASTER BOOT RECORD. Title / name on the spine.

  2. Ember Borja says:

    The cut away to “he taught me how to scream” KILLED ME 🤣

  3. Sam says:

    The funniest thing about this film is that Short Round is the only person Indy openly likes consistently throughout the whole series. He lets him wear his hat, he protects him, and never argues with him. He likes short round more than his own son

    • Wolf of the West says:

      Well, they do argue about cards and whether Short Round is cheating.

    • Lawton says:

      Yes, that’s why he hires him to drive the car he’ll need to escape a hardened criminal syndicate. He’s just looking out for him 😂

  4. V.H. Silva says:

    As a Sri Lankan this is both a weird and awesome movie. The main villagers of the village Indie first goes to are some of the well know (in that time) actors in Sri Lanka. The old man (D.R. Nanayakkara) and the old woman (Denawaka Hamine) are two of my favorites and they were famous for their comedic performances.

    • abalia goob says:

      I had no idea, this is great movie trivia! Thanks for sharing 👍

    • Ross Ross says:

      Amazing information!

    • Matt Mayse says:

      What food did they eat on that leaf? I could never make out what it was that insulted them and embarrassed Indy food.

    • V.H. Silva says:

      @Matt Mayse I watched the scene again and I cannot make it out clearly either. One dish looks like it’s yellow rice. But I have no idea about the awkward looking grey dish (which also attracts flies? 😅). And the insulting comment is that the villagers are offering food and by not accepting, it could look like she is ungrateful. It’s not related to any specific food.

    • Matt Mayse says:

      @V.H. Silva I still don’t know but someone elsewhere mentioned before that it was bat guano with undigested berries

  5. GordonFearman says:

    Rich is right, Short Round was always going to be the getaway driver because Dan Aykroyd says that Indy’s assistant booked the plane for 3 people. Since I doubt Wu Han planned on kidnapping Willie or getting shot we can assume the original 3 were going to be Indy, Short Round, and Wu Han.

    • Joel Peters says:

      Yes, there is a deleted scene or part of that scene where Short Round asks about Wu Han and is told he won’t be joining them. Also you can tell Short Round was going to be the getaway driver because he was pulling up to the entrance to the club to pick them up, but was surprised by how they got in the car.

  6. Rocket Pig Records says:

    It’s always been my favorite. It’s pure 80s.

    It was just scary enough as a kid without going full horror, top notch action, very kid friendly despite le darkness.

    It’s so 80s, it has a Goonie & Han Solo in it.

  7. Lucious Skywalker says:

    Mike constantly ripping out Rich’s heart is the real Temple of Doom

  8. Joe Themig says:

    Guys, how did you not get how the greenery returns to the village. It’s the fact that the damned up water is released. It takes Indy and company time to travel back to the village. Though the stones do have magical properties, it’s still portrayed as somewhat superstitious in the movie that they associate the lack of water with the stones.

  9. Jeremy Ross says:

    “Turn the part of your brain off that is offended by everything and just enjoy it” is the most Gen-X statement ever. And I agree with it 100%.

  10. The Odd We See says:

    Marion’s my favorite, but I like the idea of Indy having a companion in Willie who is less up to the task than his other female companions. The idea of Indy being saddled with a gangster’s Moll on an adventure is such a fun contrast.

    • TheGeneralDisarray says:

      And also, if your first film has Marion Ravenwood as the female lead, who’s up there with Princess Leia as a cool, spunky, competent, kind of badass character, then you can get away with going for the complete opposite of hat in this film. As you say, the contrast is refreshing and imo at least, she’s still a fun character. And she does end up more courageous by the end.

      After all, Marcus exists in this universe, and he’s cowardly, befuddled, meek and basically incompetent.

    • Wolf of the West says:

      @TheGeneralDisarray Another point that people often overlook is that *it has to make sense that we never see Willie again.* She’s not Indy’s girlfriend a year later. Is that surprising? No, because this movie makes it clear that they aren’t really suited for each other and that if they hooked up it wouldn’t last. She’s a fling, but Indy’s lifestyle is a total turn off for her, and she wouldn’t have any interest in going on more adventures. Once she gets back to civilization, she’s never leaving a city again.

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