Introducing Meta Quest 3 | Coming This Fall

Introducing Meta Quest 3 | Coming This Fall

Redesigned from the inside out, Meta Quest 3 is the wireless headset that can do it all. Enjoy more than twice the GPU processing power compared to Quest 2 thanks to the next-gen Snapdragon chip. Graphics will be smoother and faster on our highest resolution displays. Dazzling visuals and rich audio mean VR will be more immersive than ever. And with the introduction of Meta Reality, you’ll have the power to blend virtual elements into your physical space, letting you explore like never before. A 40% slimmer optic profile lets you play in ultimate comfort. Navigate more naturally with new, lightweight Touch Plus controllers that fit seamlessly in your hands, and TruTouch haptics that unlock experiences you can feel. Dive into any of the incredible 500+ titles and immerse yourself in the adventures that await.

Starting at $499. Coming this fall.

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Mark your calendars for Meta Connect, September 27-28, 2023.

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36 Responses

  1. Christopher Gaizat says:

    I think the AR addition is the next natural step. I’m actually looking forward to this.

  2. JustaDevil says:

    As an avid Quest 2 user I can say this is a really cool upgrade

  3. VoidFletcher says:

    As a developer, I am so excited for the enhanced processing power. This is going to open so many new types of games with better visual fidelity. Heck yeah!

  4. A BIG MOOD says:

    Glad there’s going to be more processing power. It gives developers more to work with. Visuals are fantastic, but processing power is what’s really going to broaden the horizon in VR game development. Can’t wait to see what projects come from it!

  5. Calactic says:

    As a human being I can say this is a really cool upgrade.

  6. Top Hat says:

    I can’t wait to see what games are now capable of with the quest 3, this is going to be awesome!

  7. Taugenichts says:

    Finally! These new controllers look gorgeous! Amazing that the tracking algorithms have improved so much that the rings are no longer necessary.

    • Paul Trively says:

      I’m a little nervous about how you can grip them, since Beat Saber most players use non-standard grips…

    • Ewokkris says:

      ​@Paul Trively Might have to buy silicone grips that hold your hand to the controller so that’s not an issue… 😵‍💫 I know that’ll probably be on my list of accessories to buy.

    • Paul Trively says:

      @Ewokkris Oh I meant that a lot of Beats players hold the controller in a claw grip 🙂 Because it’s less tweaky on your wrists. Basically moving forearms more than wrists avoids ye’olde carpal tunnel 🙂

    • Ewokkris says:

      @Paul Trively Oh yeah. 😂 I guess I was thinking you meant holding it like that so the controller doesn’t fly out of your hands as opposed to the wrist issues, but yeah you’re right. I didn’t think about the wrist issues. Oop. 💀💀💀 I wonder if someone will make silicone grips that’ll kinda help claw gripping without a ring. Lol Ohhh I should look at what they already have for the Quest Pro so I can get an idea of what they’ll probably have available for the Q3. 🤔 Personally the claw grip makes me go slower, but now you got me curious.

    • Edan Liahovetsky says:

      I do belive that its a combo of software and hardware, not only software. It would be very had to track the controllers if you simply removed the rings and would most likely be just as good as the current hand tracking. So, I would guess that they have the same tech in the ring imbedded on the lip of the controller.

  8. immeatom says:

    Shoutout to Meta for including Population:One in their ad. It’s a flagship level live service game which has a really persistent and eager community behind it. Looking forward most to Asgards Wrath 2!

  9. Danny Ivan says:

    Love my quest 2. Excited to get the Meta Quest 3.

    • MONKE_IN_WHITE says:

      you are gonna buy it too i cant they dont let me because i just got quest 2 🙁

    • zavier wiley says:

      @MONKE_IN_WHITE are you having a stroke? Are you saying your parents won’t let your get the 3 because you just got the 2?

  10. VIKclips says:

    i love to see that vr is getting more and more attention, soon everyone will be in on it. almost like having a phone.

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