Pokemon Sword, but You Can See Shinies in the Wild

Pokemon Sword, but You Can See Shinies in the Wild

Shiny Pokemon weren’t visible in the overworld in Pokemon Sword until now so I’m going to beat the game with some!
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31 Responses

  1. PM7 says:

    New merch dropped in the Play More shop so get them while you still can! The shirts are selling fast and Bubby the Frog can only be ordered until the end of the month https://play-more.store/

  2. Dar Kor says:

    It blows my mind how many times John’s been to Opal’s gym yet he still messes the questions up every single time 😂

  3. Omnicidal Clown says:

    Still never understood why Pokemon Sword and Shield never made the Shiny Pokemon visible in the wild.

  4. Tyler says:

    Alternate title: PM7 sets a new shiny fail world record in Pokémon Sword

  5. Darklightning 27 says:

    I feel like this should’ve been the 1 million subscriber special. Since, you know…John’s the shiny guy. When you subscribe to PM7, you find more shinies.

  6. Master Of All Noobs says:

    Just as a note, the “very strong looking” Pokémon can never be shiny to prevent uncatchable shiny situations

  7. Alita Kazami says:

    Just started the video, hoping Virizion returns to us

  8. Joey says:

    Pm7 is one of the only people that can cheer me up so thank you John for making my days better

  9. Agent Ωmecha says:

    I wish you could see wild overworld shiny Pokemon in the original game. It would make shiny hunting a whole lot easier in SWSH. Especially considering SWSH doesn’t have any other shiny hunting methods outside of encountering and dynamax adventures.

    • Caius Drake Gaming says:

      Honestly I agree. The only methods I know are the Brilliant aura thing and a minor chaining method, so in all honesty SWSH doesn’t have any GOOD methods

  10. JOIN NOW 👇 says:

    I just wanna say how good you guys make every season better and better and its my favourite channel please continue making these epic episodes.

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