Investigating Our Best Friend’s Haunted House

Investigating Our Best Friend’s Haunted House

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Sam and Colby investigate CelinaSpookyboo’s haunted house with KallMeKris. This was a terrifying night of rituals, ghosts, and the cabin in the woods.

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Editor: Sam and Colby, Charles Liu
Asst Editor: Jamison Forkenbrock, Nathaly Idrovo
Producer: Zach Bell

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Kris: @kallmekris
Celina: @celina

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Investigating Our Best Friend’s Haunted House | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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33 Responses

  1. @samandcolby says:

    Thank you for 11 million subscribers!!! this is the funniest video of the year hahha also, we just dropped new merch if you wanna check it out! LOVE YOU ALL

  2. @kallmekris says:

    Always fun getting the gang back together 😂🖤

  3. @talia_janay says:

    The fact seeing Kris, Celina, Sam and Colby doing a video together always made my day🥺🖤

  4. @ceebee9972 says:

    Fun fact you can use selenite crystals to draw protective schedules underneath the doormat or at any doors that lead outside because it prevents things from coming in

  5. @SylviaDragon says:

    this is just an hour long vid of best friends doing the classic best friend sleep over things and im living for it.

  6. @jacobguyor5888 says:

    Celina with the egg had me dying, she never fails at being funny

  7. @takewhataway says:

    OK, Kris is definitely a magnet and it’s good that she’s very careful about these things. She always knows when to just say “stop” because she does have something that will attract things especially to her. Sam and Colby are fairly safe because they dont have what Kris have and they basically can treat this as a fun thing to do. Kris is basically the kid from Sixth senses lol I swear, Kris better be careful doing all these things a job

  8. @kennagrace4752 says:

    The chaotic energy is the best part about videos with Celina and Kris 😭😭😭😭 everything is always very creepy and insane when these four get together, but their humor always makes it better 🫶🏻😌

  9. @Charlotte__Single__again says:

    Hey, I know this isn’t relatable to the video but I wanted you to know let you guys know that this group is one of the only groups that make me happy. I’ve been going through a lot recently and seeing the notification for this video brightened up my whole day. I love you guys.❤

  10. @amypond7631 says:

    i love the absolute chaos between these four and i hope we see more of them all together

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