Olivia Rodrigo – all-american bitch (live from SNL)

Olivia Rodrigo – all-american bitch (live from SNL)

Listen to ‘all-american bitch’ out now: https://oliviarodrigo.lnk.to/GUTS

Store: https://OliviaRodrigo.lnk.to/store

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25 Responses

  1. @JordenTually says:

    I watched for the scream and it did not disappoint

  2. @bobsternvogel5550 says:

    Love how Olivia alternates between cheerfully soft and angrily tough vocals in this performance! That applause was richly deserved.

  3. @edysantiagoo says:

    This is one of Olivia’s best performances. I love how she combines her angelic vocals with her theatrical skills. So proud to see her evolving in live performances! 💜

  4. @sofiabenavides8046 says:

    This is exactly what I would imagine an official mv for this song would be like, and the fact that she performed it live… just perfecf ❤

  5. @enigmafest965 says:

    her acting and emoting while singing really elevates her performance. i love that about olivia 🫶

  6. @LuizFelipe-sw9el says:

    MEU DEUS QUE PERFORMANCE, ela quebrando a taça na virada da música ficou incrível

  7. @borki7469 says:

    guts was such a masterpiece! I can’t wait for next album! She literally never misses!

  8. @PetuniaTheBlueSkunk says:

    Her breaking the glass part before the chorus is FABULOUS💜💜💜

  9. @kendrabryant4738 says:

    I loved this performance! All the little details in it combined with her vocals were just spot on & so perfect!

  10. @minniemeeps says:

    she’s improved so much, i remember her debut performances where she was so nervous but now she has that confident rockstar vibe! the expressions, the performance, she’s killing it! i feel like this song gives her range to do a lot

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