Why was Patrick Mahomes so mad at the end of the Buffalo Bills Vs Kansas City Chiefs

Why was Patrick Mahomes so mad at the end of the Buffalo Bills Vs Kansas City Chiefs

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52 Responses

  1. @jacksonkruegersports7888 says:

    Via Adam Schefter on Twitter,

    Chiefs’ HC Andy Reid was not pleased that officials did not warn him that Kadarius Toney was lined up offsides the way they have in the past. About the call, the normally mild-mannered Reid said, “It’s a bit embarrassing for the National Football League for that to take place.”

  2. @larry2281 says:

    Upset over a blatant penalty. Man if Mahomes reacted like this over that. Imagine how he would have reacted if the Chiefs got the same treatment the Bills got in the Bills Eagles game. Refs totally screwed them.

  3. @daviddobson6716 says:

    The Chiefs had their chances to win and they didn’t get it done.

  4. @levivanweerdhuizen3058 says:

    Just a straight up fair amd square loss for the chiefs unfortunately they had an offsides that seemingly cost them the win or atleast lead, really unprofessional and pathetic that your starting quarterback has a temper tantrum on the sidelines yelling at the refs for doing their jobs well

    • @anthonycleaveland1839 says:

      These same refs lost 2 challenges and had Bills fans setehing half the game

    • @Brendan-Black says:

      ​@@anthonycleaveland1839Idk what Bills fans were bitching about this game tbh. After the refball in the Philly game, these refs were a total godsend for Buffalo.

    • @oscarmarroquin4374 says:

      ​@@Brendan-Black godsend implies the refs favored Buffalo That was not the case.

    • @MrBdobb says:

      He’s mad because the Refs had also screwed them over last week against the Packers. The refs have been doing terribly this season.

    • @winstonwolf6791 says:

      @@MrBdobb The refs didn’t screw them over last week. They were bad for both teams. That ridiculous call Mahomes got being legally hit inbounds and the bogus stoppage of the clock offset that missed PI call.

  5. @ijn2477 says:

    I think it was an amalgamation of things and that play broke Mahomes

    • @benburnett8109 says:

      I’ve been saying for the last 3 (THREE) YEARS that Mahomes is mentally weak. When things don’t go his way…………he will melt down. Andthe melting began this evening. Look at my previous comments. I’ve said when the refs quit helping KC the “meltdown will start and it will be epic.”

    • @Brendan-Black says:

      Nah, Pat is just so used to refball in his favor that now he can’t handle it when calls/no calls don’t go his way. Suck it up, Mahomie.

    • @RobinHoodHefe says:

      @@benburnett8109you sound goofy.

    • @tonylee3721 says:

      ​@@benburnett8109I’m a
      Raiders fan so I hate the Chiefs but you can’t call a guy that’s a 2 time mvp, 2 time SB mvp, and 2 rings mentally weak😂

  6. @tebo1958 says:

    After looking at the replay, our guy clearly lined up off-sides. The refs had to call it. Same type of dumb-ass move that we did in the AFC championship several years ago when one of you defensive players lined up off side when we intercepted Brady to nullify the play and lose the game. Mahomes needs to aim his anger in the right direction – his own man. We deserved to lose and will cont. to do so with this lousy offense. Too bad – wasting a very good defense this year.

    • @bigdaddy2706 says:

      Just keep letting Nagy call your offense

    • @Todd3black3 says:

      true, but mahomes will never throw teammates under the bus, at least publicly he doesn’t, i don’t know what he says in the locker room.

      BUT, that’s not why he was heated at the refs, the refs are way too inconsistent is the issue.

      MVS literally had a defender piggy back riding him on that play vs GB, and no flag was tossed.

      The refs warn people about minor offsides all the time, when its’ 1, 2 inches like that

      The refs have gotten out of hand, and Mahomes is especially mad when all these analysts and fans of other teams keep saying the Chiefs have the refs in their pocket, well uh, it sure don’t look like it…

    • @kja7392 says:

      You don’t aim the anger anywhere when you’re a leader on any team other than at the task at hand. Toney obviously at fault, but dogging him and letting him know about it in front of the world is how a child would handle that situation.

    • @mattewmock9366 says:

      The refs warn you when you check with them. You see countless times players looking and signaling at ref. Then they respond and players move if they need to.

    • @stevenh3508 says:

      Actually no, it didn’t have to be called unless the player is lined up passed the ball while Toney was lined up on the ball; it is a subjective penalty by the line judge.At least 3 other players lined up passed the ball identified so far during this game and they werent called. Toney lining up on the ball was nonmaterial to the play and was only called because it affected the outcome.

  7. @bainsey89 says:

    Mahomes was yelling at the wrong guy. He should direct his anger at Toney, a pro who should know better.

  8. @PradoTraceAZ says:

    To be honest, there was still over a minute and the Bills had timeouts to score a TD. No guarantee that offsides call not being called would have meant a Chiefs win.

    • @tjmckenzie4048 says:

      Well if you compare it to the playoff game two years ago, there probably would’ve been three more tds scored.

    • @rickygilbert7204 says:

      That’s true. Even Mahomes stated that in the press conference after the game. He did stated “Josh Allen would have got the ball with 3 time outs and who know would happen.”

    • @robfreeman5783 says:

      You’re right. For us neutral on-lookers it just robbed us of one of the most epic 4th quarter plays/drives and a potentially even more epic one from Josh Allen. I don’t root for the Bills or the Chiefs, I root for exciting football. This was not exciting. It was garbage, thanks to a silly overreaching call.

    • @jeremya.695 says:

      @@robfreeman5783It wasn’t a bad call in my opinion. He was clearly lined up well offsides. He should know better.

    • @toddheywood8837 says:

      @@robfreeman5783the call was made right after the snap took place, it’s not like he knew what was going to happen??

  9. @RayRay-dr7og says:

    Legend has it that Mahomes is still screaming on the sideline.

  10. @RIPdixiecarter says:

    There is absolutely a major problem with officials tainting games with either questionable calls or non calls and completely subjective penalties which on some occasions determines the outcome of the game.

    This wasnt one of them, even Stevie Wonder can see Toney was way offsides here.

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