It got WAY WORSE – Burning Man 2023 Rain Update PT 2

It got WAY WORSE – Burning Man 2023 Rain Update PT 2

70,000 people stuck at Burnign Man so Jerry and I decided to take a second quick flight up to Black Rock to check on how Burning Man was holding up after all the newest recent rain storms and see how the exodus was going.

As close as it gets to the real thing, the FreedomFox in Microsoft Flight Sim is out now, here’s the lowdown:

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36 Responses

  1. -SOLAscriptura- says:

    Matt’s Off-Road recovery is in for a big payday. Prior proper planning…

  2. Murray says:

    It’s unfortunate there’s not some sort of way to check impending weather and like plan ahead before attending an event in a remote location.

  3. Sapper Veteran says:

    It’s almost like a dry lake bed is a bad place to be after a rainstorm. Interesting…

  4. incognito says:

    Self reliance means don’t allow yourself to be trapped in this type of situation.

  5. Dennis Salisbury says:

    Always know when it’s time to quit and come back another day; anyone who has been to the Mojave knows that a half inch of rain creates a biblical flood. Great video.

  6. Ms. Randi Cook says:

    This event is on the news for most major stations. I just can’t imagine the mess! Thanks Trent for the update of the mess! 👍

  7. Kaichø Kaepora Gaebora says:

    This registers as humor to me.

  8. LouT1501 says:

    I saw the news reports of this over the weekend and thought of your fly-over some days ago. Good reporting, Trent!

  9. blancolirio says:

    Thanks for posting Trent!

  10. havebasswilltravel57 says:

    So nice to see you flying in an out of your home..well done Trent

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