Massive Boom Installed On The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker

Massive Boom Installed On The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker

So I got a build project with a massive boom installed on the off road wrecker.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recovery!

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26 Responses

  1. Fab Rats says:

    We love when Skeeter comes for a visit!😎

    • Randy Travis says:

      still waiting for you too visit .. LOL oh You don’t know where I live .. Western NY .. Great Video You put out today .. guessing it was the pinion bearing /? hope it’s a easy fix what ever it was ..

    • Vic says:

      hows the rear end on the golden nugget?

  2. Elgin Nelson says:

    I’m a 67 year-old woman who s barely comfortable driving a Scion XA. To me, “off road” is taking the side streets to Target. I love this channel. In 2019, I got hooked with the scenery and the
    music. Matt did not narrate as much in the early videos, so I’m glad he started explaining what was going on, because it really helps me understand a world I know nothing about.

  3. brunothehumble says:

    For those cleanable filters, I’ve always recommended to buy a second one and swap it out at service time then you can clean and re-oil the one that came out and just bag it and put it on the shelf for next time. Saves time and headache at service time and gives you a spare on hand just in case.

  4. Kyle Cantrell says:

    Some friendly advice. When using a drill press have the material after your hand or body in the direction of rotation so if it catches it doesn’t take you out it’ll just hit the stand of the drill press. Things looking awesome! Keep it up!

  5. Marvin Carter says:

    It’s amazing how far you have come on the wrecker with the little time you have to work on it. It seems that you are covering all the bases on this build and time will tell how well all the things work. I’m pretty sure there will be a couple of adjustments to make because there always is when building car’s, trucks, etc. I can’t wait to see this baby in action. Rory has given you good advice and his tow truck Trail Mater is a work horse! Best of luck Matt and team!

  6. Pe tri says:

    Love watching you guys no matter what you do,amazing people,Matt being such an awesome person attracts so many other awesome people, things just work when you are hard working and a good person in general, amazing channel,amazing people,amazing stuff

  7. ITubeTooInc says:

    0:58 Saftey tip: Never keep a large piece you are drilling into on the right side of the drill press like that when drilling,. It wiil hit right into you arm or stomach if the drill gets stuck and can cut you open. Always place the large side on the left side close to the drill stand. This way, when the drill gets stuck, the plate will only turn until it hits into the drill stand and stop instead of hitting into your flesh. and cut your open

    • Jason B says:

      Good advice, but I would also strongly recommend clamping the piece to the press…

    • matt somerville says:

      ​@Linus Poindexter ….Absolutely no long sleeves, gloves, watches or rings. Wearing those items will pull a body into manual machinery and potentially maim or kill. Glasses or faceshield and keep your workpiece on the proper side and you will be good.

    • Jeremy Ron says:

      They have been getting better with their safety equipment though. But I agree, the drill press work was a bit cringey. Haha. Gotta remember you’re just a soft bag of meat.. You’ll lose every time.

    • Linus Poindexter says:

      …sturdy gloves, safety specs, long sleeves preferred.

    • D dt says:

      @Tom Burton and GRINDING and welding

  8. laudAF365 says:

    One of my favorite places on YouTube…. no matter the content, it’s always done right!
    Thanks Matt and crew for the channel.
    And a wassup to Trevor for being the endurance monster he is!

  9. jason brownlee says:

    So, I started watching channel cause I liked the off-road recoveries. But I’m liking the fabrication and repairs just as much! I’ve actually learned quite a bit about drive-train mechanics. Thank y’all!

    • James Russell says:

      I am not mechanically incline. Between Matt’s, Paul’s and Robbie’s builds, rebuilds and fixes working on motor vehicles are not such as daunting task as it used to be. I am not saying I could do all the work but I know where to start in a lot of cases. Half the battle on working on motor vehicles is having the right tool for a particular part. You can spend thousands or tens of thousand dollars on tools. The other things is your random tools that you get at Home Depot or Lowe’s will not stand up to the quality tools they use. But the tools are big bucks to acquire. A former house mate that I had and friend was an auto mechanic for years. He has sunk a lot of money in tools. So I know about that. In fact one of Apex Tool Group Manufacturing facility is in Apex NC where I live.

    • EnnuiAF says:

      I love Matt’s crew!! Gotta check out Paul at Fabrats too. They used to derby together

    • Jim Wires says:

      I’m 75 year old farm boy and fire fighter. Have done a lot of outdoor stuff. I find Mats off road recovery and fab rats to bee the cats 🐈meow .

  10. Snorri Ö.K. says:

    When welding frames together, it’s best to start on the outside corner edge, then do the side ones and lastly the inner corners. This is because of how metal welds behave when they cool. They contract. So by welding the outside first and then the sides, the contraction will be less and less so that when you weld inside, it’s already rigid and will have much less chance of bending out of maizurement.

    Been welding 20 years btw, before anyone starts commenting on that.

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