It’s All Over For Them

It’s All Over For Them

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39 Responses

  1. Phips Deus says:

    The fact that the Knicks won a series made the playoffs the craziest ever.

  2. Vivian Rivera says:

    Jimmy continues to amaze me at how brilliant he can make a basketball documentary. Truly incredible!!

  3. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The surprising take from this video is how great Anthony Edwards is in only his 3rd season. Man did so much against the Nuggets who are the favorites from the West to go to the Finals. How the hell was he he so high up with that few minutes played.

  4. Brody Potts says:

    As a Celtics fan, you could not have described the stress of watching this years squad better. When people ask how I feel about our team, since game 4 of the Philly series all I say is “I don’t know.” This squad has such a high ceiling, but a scarily low floor

    • internal says:

      Scary high talent with a lack of consistency. Also they can’t close out close games. It’s actually crazy

    • Syberlilly says:

      I adore watching the Celtics’ current talent, particularly since we can see these young players actively develop a dynamic together. It’s difficult to gather my thoughts about Tatum, though; being so young, receiving such strong pressure to be emblematic of your team (arguably Brown is the “face” of the Celtics, but, still), I would think that that makes someone fearful. Not only of their present path, but of their own future growth, too. He obviously is full of potential and strength and clearly “shows up” at times, but, I don’t know….I just don’t really feel much from him. No grit, no hunger. Maybe it’s a sort of “cool as a cucumber”-type thing, which I totally get, but, generally, he just seems to lack some confidence in his ability. What do you think?

    • JJ FX says:

      Welcome to the life of a GS fan. Wondering if Klay will remember how to shoot a basketball is half the fun.

    • CC theGOAT says:

      ​@JJ FX fr klay had me punching the air

  5. Micah Jerumyah Cannon says:

    The pain just can’t stop for Dillon Brooks 😂😂😂

  6. Heartbreaker says:

    This season has probably been the most balanced season ever in NBA history

    • Reese Angle says:

      What was last season or the season before ?

    • calamorta says:

      Too many blowouts… In recent history, yeah. KD GSW ruined the league for years and it still hurts. All-time? Idjk. I believe there’s probably some obscure season out there

    • vannq says:


    • Duyanh Ng says:

      ​@vannq i’d say 2019 was better

    • Kimeikus says:

      ⁠@Reese Angle

      Probably somewhere between 1969 – 1988 because there was no back to back champion in that stretch.

      We’re in a similar situation. There was no back-to-back since 2018. Everyone is just so evenly matched that someone new keeps winning every year.

  7. Duke says:

    I’m happy Wembanyama is going to the Spurs. They’ve got a great developmental staff and hopefully can keep him healthy.

  8. stayt2dg says:

    That Dillon Brooks jab at 4:27 is top tier hilarious. Boy was so trash, Dwight Howard didn’t even holla at him to come to China!🤣🤣🤣

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