This is a Huge Embarrassment

This is a Huge Embarrassment

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This Video Took 6 Takes

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42 Responses

  1. M3G4N8M says:

    blizzard has the amazing ability to take good things and ruin them with maximum efficiency

  2. SpaceTaco048 says:

    This is like setting a bar literally on the floor for someone to jump over and they just forget the bar is even there and trips, lands on their face, and dies.

  3. Alovatololo says:

    It’s like watching an ex just continuing to fumble their life after you broke up. You can’t enjoy it cause there were good times, you can’t help cause they’ll drag you down with them, and you can’t feel bad cause you saw it happening. So all you can do is watch and reminisce about the good times and then move on.

  4. Horace Koch says:

    imagine trusting the same company that drove a woman to jump off a building and lied about it for months to hit a deadline

  5. Juiceman says:

    Shout out to game devs and publishers for making me completely indifferent to an art medium I’ve loved since I was a child

    • Martin Mojžíšek says:

      Yeah sadly the times where any publisher annoucing something was exciting are long gone, thankfully enough great games still gets released over the year and I’m not even talking about indie scene which is better than ever.

    • Gyd says:

      Dont hate they developers tho they aren’t the ones manking decisions its the higher ups who decide

    • Serthiag says:

      Thats why indie developers and compannies are 🔛🔝

    • Karonuva says:

      Blame the soulless execs at the top of the chain who only care about chasing infinite profits, the health of the game or the people working on it be damned.

  6. samsbook book says:

    Imagine causing such huge waves that even “outsiders” talk about this. Thanks for this contend we need everybody to share this disaster

  7. Myles_K says:

    This truly is… a huge embarrassment

  8. Rezi『レジ』 says:

    The only game mode that could save their game and they decided to scrap it. Amazing work as always Blizzard.

    • DORAYAKIS says:

      They SACRIFICED everything and then its cancelled?! What was that OW1 content drought supposed to be?!

      No, youre not back overwatch, you better go to the grave

    • xinf3ctdx says:

      @DORAYAKISExactly. That’s the worst part. All of this time and effort they put into it, just to throw it all away instead of trying to get something out.

  9. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Leaving your GOTY without content during the pandemic were everyone was playing games to then cancel what was supposedly developed during this time period gotta be one of the dumbest decisions in gaming history

  10. 20eyesmisfit says:

    I feel bad for the devs, it’s just more corporate BS that they have no control over.

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