It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season 16 Official Trailer | FX

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season 16 Official Trailer | FX

Proof that rock bottom isn’t always as low as you can go. FX’s Always Sunny, returns June 7 on FXX. Stream on Hulu.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns for a record-extending Sweet 16 Season. The Gang is ripping straight from the headlines as they yearn for the past and attempt to survive the year, navigating 2023 with 16 years of baggage and a few figures from their past rearing their heads. The show is produced by FX Productions.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season 16 Official Trailer | FX

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45 Responses

  1. Harper Stevens says:

    Going to be a five-star season.

  2. mynameisreza1 says:

    Its amazing how Frank always looked like the weirdest yet has remained the most ageless during this whole show

  3. John Spyr says:

    McPoyles are back AND a Bryan Cranston/ Aaron Paul cameo? This is a recipe for success! Happy to see that the gang still holds up after all those years

  4. Chris125 says:

    You can tell all 5 of them are willing to keep this going until they are all dead. This show is not just entertaining for them and us but it became part of their lives.

    • Robert says:

      What they’ve also said is if any of them ever passed away, they would instantly wrap up the show.

    • Kyle Douglass says:

      Rob even said in an interview they will literally just keep making it till they can’t.

    • Roadroller + Dio says:

      ​​@chris meulen Charlie Day said something similar before season 15 on Smartless and those guys immediately understood that even if you’re renewed till s18, you never give guarantees so you can always ask for a raise and renegotiate. That’s probably all it is. Apparently, all actors/exec producers do it.

      They won’t stop with just season 16 because they love working together and having total creative control. Sunny also has very healthy working hours like a regular day job. It’s very rare to get any of these things in this industry. Not to mention, thr podcast has been a smash hit and the show’s popularity is only growing, especially overseas, where they did a tour in London and Dublin and sold out arenas.

      They’ll just take longer between seasons, like Curb, to have time for their other projects. Let’s not forget Charlie’s has had movie success like Horrible Bosses and Pacific Rim, and it only made him value the uniqueness of Sunny more!

    • Tsunami Foxy says:

      Cheers, I’ll drink to that bro

    • songbirdcamille says:

      Danny says they are going to bop till they drop. I literally expect him to go out with a heart attack on set in another 18 years.

  5. Bhaskar Kakati says:

    When you ask which shows don’t need an ending, well this is it.

  6. FudgeCookie TV says:

    I hope this show never ends, no matter what over the top comedy skit they do, they can never get cancelled!

    • O A says:

      @motion blur I’ll be dead by then mate

    • motion blur says:

      The technology will exist to render AI content of whatever show you’d like in our lifetime. Depends on whatever copyright laws get implemented, but it will be technically possible to watch an endless stream of your favorite TV show or movie.

    • CoopsNME says:

      @John Hoppe they voluntarily pulled the episodes IIRC.

    • O A says:

      @John Hoppe I didnt know there were eps that got cancelled?Is there a way to watch them now?

    • John Hoppe says:

      well except those few episodes that got canceled by the networks

  7. Sercan Kuralay says:

    Hype is real.
    Thank you FX for continuing this show for so long!
    It’s a cult classic at this point.

    • Dragon_Eat3r says:

      Nah man at this point it’s just a classic, easily one of the greatest comedy shows ever made

    • WastedZymbol says:

      @Sercan Kuralay I was a late bloomer, started in season 4, loved this series ever since, litterly one of the greatest co.. well I don’t have to tell you that 😀

    • Sercan Kuralay says:

      @john johnny Exactly, i have been watching this show since around season 5.
      But seeing so many lines from the show on unrelated reddit posts these last years warms my hearth, because i know it gets the recognition it deserves.

    • john johnny says:

      It was a cult classic 12 seasons ago. It’s a certified all time great loved by all now

    • Bill Door says:

      Ohhhhh it’s gone WAY past that!!….its a classic cult at this point!!

  8. Parker Peters says:

    I feel lucky to be alive during this show’s run. I hope it never ends.

  9. Shadow says:

    I will be watching this until season 96 and then more. PLease FX don’t ever cancel this show and don’t let them end it

  10. poopingducks says:

    This actually kind of feels like a return to old style Sunny as oppose to the last few seasons. Looking forward to it!

    • Jack Shuford says:

      On the podcast you could tell they had some good ideas and were excited about the whole pre-production through post. I think there’s gonna be a return to old form for sure and I can’t wait

    • donttrackmegoogle says:

      I seriously hope so, the last couple seasons just felt… off.

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