its been 300 days…

its been 300 days…

I am back

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37 Responses

  1. Nick Eh 30 says:

    Bro really never backed down and never gave up!

  2. Quackery says:

    He’s Back when we needed him the Most!! 🙏

  3. Mighty Ray says:

    The pure happiness and joy I got from him finally redoing the chugjug Oh my gosh!!!!!!

  4. JesseLHV says:

    The legend is back!

  5. Sinro says:

    I couldn’t stop smiling seeing the meme content back.

  6. KodieTheAussieAlastorFanBrony says:

    The bloody legend may not upload very much, but when he does, it puts a big smile on my face. Love him so much 😁

  7. LOOTSTATION says:


  8. Orious says:

    Bro, that’s the longest I have seen a fortnite player have a break, good on you for coming back, that is insane, 300 days!!!

  9. GamingVBD says:

    He came back when we needed him most ❤

  10. Affirm says:

    The fact that I got so excited and my heart started beating fast when I saw him upload made me realize I never out grew him ❤

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