People Order Coffee, I Serve Them Suffering – Espresso Tycoon

People Order Coffee, I Serve Them Suffering – Espresso Tycoon

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People Order Coffee, I Serve Them Suffering – Espresso Tycoon – Let’s Game It Out


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More about Espresso Tycoon (from Steam):

Espresso Tycoon is a brand-new approach to the old classic tycoon games you remember from your childhood. Build a coffee shop from your dreams, where your customers can relax and drink delicious coffee. Deal with the emotional rollercoaster and build a successful coffee business.

Just imagine… you’re the boss here! Feel like the real cafe owner, an empire builder, and create the whole strategy, which includes:

hiring and managing employees
taking care of the supply chain
analyzing the budget
advertising your coffee shop
and, what’s most important, keeping your customers happy

You have your favorite coffee, right? So do your customers. Do the market research to find out their preferences. Use a 3D coffee editor to make different recipes to delight them. You can combine multiple ingredients in a very creative way.

Start, build and develop your coffee shop. Check your budget – do you have enough money to invest, or will you have to make some cuts? Decide where and when you want to start your new coffee business. Hire (or fire) a barista, do the marketing campaign, create a relaxing place, and collect the rating points.
Complete all the missions!

Are you a big fan of such games as Rollercoaster, pizza conection, planet coster? We are! Immerse yourself in the new coffee shop simulator. Build the best café in the city. Create, customize, sell snacks, cookie, and manage baristas– all of that in the new coffee shop simulation game. Become the coffee tycoon, don’t feel stray, build the circle of trust with your customers, cross the frontier, and create the whole empire – the best on the planet!

You may think – ‘let loose or work hard’? If you don’t want to teardown your business – use your skills and try hard! You will see your prosperous coffee shop and you will say – ‘What a satisfactory view!’. Do that in Espresso Tycoon – one of the best simulation games 2023! We may not be objective, but we really think so!

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37 Responses

  1. Let's Game It Out says:

    🕹Your browser is holding you back. Level up with Opera GX:

  2. TheOfficialGamerMan says:

    I admire Josh’s ability to cause havoc in the most innocent of games.

  3. Game Society Pimps says:

    I feel like this coffee shop would actually be really successful in real life. I would love drinking a cup of mint mayo and sitting on a stranger’s lap

  4. man3 ajmi says:

    Giving josh a cafe is already a war crime

  5. Squash says:

    Having josh play your game is probably more productive for bug fixing than a whole team of playtesters

  6. Poking Technology says:

    That dead-eyed, unblinking zombie stare from the customers never fails to be terrifying.

    • Victoria Harley says:

      Terrifying and accurate!

    • Zyri Antel says:

      That’s just the early morning coffee rush in a nutshell, man, even customers in real life looked like that when I was working the opening shift at a gas station and had to man the coffee pot.

  7. Δημητρης Σαμαρας says:

    This channel is actually the best thing a developer can wish for. Josh has the ability to find every single bug and not-intended thing

  8. Orange orange says:

    “oops, all poison here!” the most accurate representation of josh owning a cafe 💀

  9. PhantomProductions says:

    My god Josh worked in a coffee shop?? Can you imagine being served coffee by the same guy who inspires terror in countless indie game developers??

    • Zyri Antel says:

      Josh, please, I know you enjoy chaos but please, not my coffee, I need my caffeine in the morning, Josh, please don’t do this to-

      *Josh smiles as he dumps an entire bottle of creamer into the cup*

    • Justin says:

      *Walks in*

      “Hey there, it’s Josh. Welcome back to Let’s Game It Out.”

      *Walks out*

  10. Artemis Amberdrive says:

    I can’t believe Josh didn’t hire Grace to clean all that trash up

    • Tiger Warrior says:

      Grace saw the ad in the newspaper as was like “NOPE! NOT AGAIN! I’ll stick to Space Zoo!”

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