Poltchageist Revealed: A Spooky Sighting from The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

Poltchageist Revealed: A Spooky Sighting from The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

Meet Poltchageist, a newly discovered Pokémon from the land of Kitakami, in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for the Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet games 🍵

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50 Responses

  1. Mystreek says:

    it’s actually quite adorable… besides its horrific lore

  2. Pandachu123 says:

    Okay, but the music in this is BEAUTIFUL. 🥰
    I love that this isn’t just a haunted little tea caddy. Its powers to repair broken objects with the matcha powder is based off of Kintsugi.

  3. Drew says:

    It’s official. We can now have a full team of fully evolved grass ghost types (ignoring the issue of region locked mons). Haunted forest team is a go!

  4. HaniBuns says:

    I hope we will get a Chimecho evolution. It’s so fitting for the Japanese festival theme of the DLC. And Chimecho deserves an evolution 🎐

  5. Justin William says:

    For a spooky Pokémon it’s very friendly and well mannered.

  6. Adrian Leonce says:

    Surprised at all the love Galar is getting from the devs. Since its a recent gen, i thought it would take 2-3 gens for it to receive some attention.

  7. Diego Duarte Valenzuela says:

    I wonder if it’s a convergent species or a split evolution to Sinistea

  8. yuG modnaR says:

    It’s cool we’re getting more than just two new pokemon besides the legendaries of course

  9. Florian says:

    Great design and awesome music, also impressive reveal, just for a Pokémon.

    • ZER0 says:

      Vase with eyes that could have been done by a 5 year old.
      Pokemon fan: Great design.

      It’s cute but I don’t see anything great in his design

      EDIT: I know that pokemon has been getting lazy designs since the first games. You don’t need to say it 1000 times. You guys are funny. LOL

    • 48planetmango48 says:

      ​@ZER0‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    • Florian says:

      @ZER0 I’m not a Pokemon fan, I dislike many of the past entries since the 5th gen and most of the 8th and 9th gen designs 😅
      But this one is cute. It’s nothing too original as it’s a convergent, but I like the style and the tale.

    • Mr. Popo says:

      @ZER0it’s not meant to be some complicated, god-tier design. It’s good because it’s cute and simple

    • Fransiskus R. A. says:

      ​​@ZER0yah but put those eyes on a pokeball and suddenly its briliant and is beloved by many.

      Get real. Poltchageast design is great.

  10. ARDIZ says:

    I always love seeing new regional forms or divergent evolutions like this. Hoping we can see some love for Kalos in the DLC.

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