It’s been a minute…

It’s been a minute…

Thanx y’all

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  1. Taylor Emerick says:

    Proud of him for trying to apologize and do better. It feels like this happened so long ago for us, but I know he must still be right in that fallout.

  2. Rollo_ Tomasi says:

    The fresh prince meant so much to us all growing up, giving us entertainment & laugher in our highs & lows… Hope you & Chris can sit down and leave this dark chapter behind

  3. Tiffany White-Funderburg says:

    When he talks about shame, it is from Brene’ Brown. She talks about shame in a TED talk. She gives incredible insight into shame. We are human we make mistakes, we are not our mistakes.

  4. J M says:

    Hey Will, hope you’re able to make some progress on how you view yourself. Take it is easy man. Definitely a fan of someone who’s made mistakes who genuinely tries to learn and improve from them. You got this!

  5. S. Ortiz-Timm says:

    I think for me as a fan, it was disappointing to see this kind of behavior. It surprised me how much it disappointed so many of this generation of fans. We have seen you grow and grow up. We have watched you rise from obscurity to become someone who could inspire and encourage growth in others. Everyone makes stupid rash decisions when emotion takes over. I hope to see more of your light, love and joy in this world.

  6. Graham Reid says:

    Thing is, there’s a lot of comments here saying “we forgive you will” but to be honest it isn’t for us to forgive him. It’s up to Chris. He can only make that call.

  7. Tiffany Washington says:

    It’s not so much of what you are going through, but how you recover that matters. Keep doing the work on yourself. You will get to a great place again. Let this be a teachable moment. Fail forward! Let the past stay in the past. This journey called life will not only bring disappointments but joy too. Thanks for having the courage to keep moving forward. Peace & Blessings!

  8. Bab Butterfly says:

    That whole thing was sad on so many levels. My heart hurt for both you and Chris. I wish it had never happened. You are both wonderful comedians, and Men in general. I truly hope you both can get past that stigma of that incident. The acting and entertainment world would be sad without either of you in it. To both you and Chris, hold your heads high and please be better people.

  9. Mimi B says:

    Will, please know that what this really demonstrated was the toxic relationship you are in and the hurt you are suffering from the result of it. You deserve better for yourself, to which I know you truly believe in delivering light and love, but you need to place yourself with the people who bathe you in that light and love, not fans, not sycophants, hand over the coals and He will place diamonds in your hands

  10. DIY/LETS CREATE says:

    I’m your friend at heart Will. You’ll be ok bc I want that for myself & you as well. You’re not a piece of 💩 you’re human & you had a human experience.

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