Sumeru Preview Teaser 03: Prelude to Wisdom | Genshin Impact

Sumeru Preview Teaser 03: Prelude to Wisdom | Genshin Impact

Sumeru continues to be influenced by the legacy of ancient civilizations, but the prelude to new wisdom is also being composed.
A new chapter is about to begin amidst a tangled web of factions.

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28 Responses

  1. mario perez says:

    I’m suprised they made Cyno an electro unit, but no complaints as this makes him the second male electro unit in game, so definitely excited for him!

  2. Xavier says:

    The characters are seriously getting more and more beautiful as we travel to more regions

  3. Lindo Linno says:

    Боже, Сумеру выглядит просто великолепно…. И персонажи оттуда безумно красивые…. Я просто в любви

  4. Nightfall Noir says:

    All of Sumeru looks absolutely phenomenal, now we even got to *finally* see him ingame: CYNO!!! Since the first EVER GI trailer we waited and can admire all his glory and grace! Surely Razor will be very happy to find his long lost brother— AHEM I mean, I‘m really interested in the connection he and Collei will have

  5. AstyuteChick says:

    0:53 the name “Rukkhadevata” is of Indian origin. “Devata” means god or diety. “Rukkha” – “Ru” and “kkha” are undoubtedly Marathi/Hindi characters but depending on how it’s pronounced it could be “Dukkha” meaning sadness or grief, or “Lakkha” meaning shiny (but associates with enlightenment kinda vibe).
    The “Akasha” system at 0:56 means Sky or heaven system.
    “Dehya” can mean many things: goal, aim, ambition, purpose, pursuit. If you say that’s my Dehya – you’re saying your purpose is to pursue that goal and that’s your ambition and you’re always aiming towards it. Quite a strong word.
    “Mahamatra” at 6:20 could be “Mahamantra” which means Epic or Grand or Ultimate Spell. It could also be “Mahamitra” meaning epic/ultimate friend (but that sounds funny). If it’s actually not misspelled, then it’s meaning is complex af. Something like Ultimate Stop, Ultimate Mark or Ultimate Point. The prefix could also be Final instead of Ultimate idk.

    Edit: there may or may not be more references – but India has so many languages that are different enough from each other that if u were dropped at a random location in India, you’ll have a way, WAY better chance communicating in English than any one of the Indian languages. That’s actually how we communicate with people in different states and western people find that very amusing so I thought I’d add it here.

    • Sapphire Dragon says:

      idk if it is or not but Rukkha ( រុក្ខ​ ) is a Khmer word/adjective meaning “of plants or having to do with plants”. Use google translate and you’ll see (just copy and paste the word)

  6. Рамина Хахубия says:

    Девочки, я плачу. Сумеру выглядит просто шикарно. Это именно та локация которую я хотела увидеть в геншине. И Нахида просто супер, возможно именно она станет моим любимым архонтом! Кто знает…

  7. Lalala says:

    Cyno looks even more beautiful than what I imagined, to see in game

  8. EpicPlayz says:

    Боже, всё выходит просто прекрасно. Сами локации интересны. Персонажи очень красивые. Теперь я ещё больше хочу Сайно и Тигнари. Только вот боюсь копить мне нужно было с Разлома..💜💜💜

  9. 🐄МиЛКаШКа🥛 says:

    О боже как это прекрасно, девочки я просто плачу от этой красоты!!!

  10. NCore says:

    0:44 Now it’s just obvious that Sumeru definitely has Indian inspiration to it and not just Middle-eastern… Coz even the greater lord’s name are of Sanskrit origin… Rukkha meaning rough and devata meaning god…
    As for names that people might think middle-eastern, can also be considered Indian names coz there has been a lot of integration of middle-eastern culture in the Indian culture due to all invasions from countless middle-eastern rulers in the past… So names like, Alhaitham can also be connected to some Indian names Islam is the second largest religion here in India…

    • Shampain says:

      Sumeru is actually inspired by Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and South East Asia 🙂

    • ChangedNames says:

      Sumeru is a mix of the middle east and the Indian subcontinent.

      Though it would seem like central asia wont be getting any representation in the game

    • बुद्धिमान मनुष्य says:

      @ريما محمد All the desert people names are from Sanskrit.

    • Anknara says:

      They clearly used a range of cultures as inspiration, from India to northern Africa. There are elements from India, Persia, Middle East, Egypt, etc. The name of the country, Sumeru, is clearly a throwback to ancient Mesopotamia, also known as a cradle of life, which ties in well with the dendro element.

      All in all, Sumeru is probably the most diverse Teyvat country so far, in culture, language, geography, architecture, etc. Everything but skin tone, sadly.

    • LuvTortyz says:

      and yet almost every single character is white 💀

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