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38 Responses

  1. Deobi Deobi says:

    This song gives the vibes of an old kpop song but with a touch of gen z style, addictive with pre-chorus and chorus part, Itzy always comes with a new trend

    • SDattebayo says:

      @YumeiroPatissiereSP You must be living under a rock. The shoulder dance by ITZY on wannabe was a huge trend, plus songs like icy, wannabe and not shy are also some huge hits in South Korea and overall internationally. It’s not been much since their debut, yet they are already one of the girl groups with the most wins. And as a blink, don’t bring any other group down to praise BLACK-PINK. You look pathetic, I pity you. Go find something better to do on the internet rather than sending someone ‘more successful’ hate out of pure jealousy. 👁👄👁

    • Ann says:

      @Call me by your name what’s wrong with Bts songs , there songs always amazing 🤩

    • KingEtxrnity says:

      @Ammar Munawwar when infact bp stole 2ne1 concept

    • Little says:


  2. KPOPSEGYE says:

    I’m gettin’ loco at how obsessed I am with this!

    The visuals, vocals, choreo, styling, MV…. Everything is upgraded!!

  3. Naminami says:

    Gente eu não tenho nem palavras para descrever o quão perfeito isso tá
    Tá tudo incrivel!!!!!

  4. Multi_Stan Cutieee says:

    I know we have different tastes in music. Some may like this one and some may also dislike the song but personally this is the only song that I love after its release. Wannabe, Not Shy, MITM, ICY and Dalla Dalla are all fire but I have to take a few more listens. This song is just pure ART! ADDICTINGGGGG

  5. Ros_Lindz_ says:

    God this song was bomb. As a MDZY, I was obsessed with WANNABE’s dance break, but I think LOCO’s dance break was a little bit better (just me lol). The drops were awesome, the sets were very cool, and the visuals were fierce. Put that all together with our talented ITZY and we get this awesome song!
    Can’t wait for the other songs of CRAZY IN LOVE album!
    But for now, I’m just gonna go LOCO over ITZY ❤️ 💕 💝

  6. ʟɪᴍᴇʀᴇɴᴄᴇ༆ #LocoDay says:

    popular opinion: ıtzy wowed everyone with his comeback <3


    I was just scrolling in my phone when I saw this and I’m so glad I did…This song is a bop and I really really love the choreography…Their visuals here is on another level…Ryujin and Yeji’s second main job aside from being an idols is making girls surrender being a girl and become a lesbian…Ryujin and Yeji are my definition of girl crush and Yeji is my role model😊

  8. Ananya_the_Multistan says:

    This song is a bop ! If I’m being honest , I didn’t really like their last comeback but this one is a masterpiece… All of them shined here and the song too is really unique 😀.

  9. Fung Wendy says:

    Dalla dalla: Yeji’s era
    Icy: Yuna’s era
    Wannabe: Ryujin’s era
    Not shy: Lia’s era
    Mafia: Chaeryeong’s era
    Loco: ITZY’s era
    Here come the best ITZY ever!!!🔥

  10. 𝗩ⲓ𝗰tori𝗮. ♪ says:

    Después de escucharla 2 veces esta canción se vuelve muy adictiva, no puedo dejar de escucharla, tanto las voces y el coro, dios, itzy ahora si se lució más, midzy hay que darle amor a tal arte.

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