Nintendo Direct – 9.23.2021

Nintendo Direct – 9.23.2021

Tune in 9/23 at 3 p.m. PT for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused mainly on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.


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40 Responses

  1. Bloshi_6 says:

    KIRBY, but you aren’t side-scrolling the whole game.

  2. ProtoMario says:

    Never in my life did I think I’d see another Mario Movie

  3. Noah Infinity says:

    So uh, everyone’s theories about Splatoon 3 being an open world desert-punk game were wrong. We’re getting furry octarians lmao

    Splatoon 3 was already gonna be a physical pre-order for me as soon as I saw that first inkling in the first trailer, but this trailer has just skyrocketed my hype for the game

  4. Natto Nep says:

    The new Kirby game though, it’s nice to know that Shiver Star is out of its nuclear winter! 🙂
    Also… Bowser! Gather The Koopalings! You have to make a band and that band’s name is The Koops of Rock!

  5. Eliezer3838 says:

    Bro that is the hardest I’ve ever laughed all year. My throat feels so sore.
    Nobody was expecting that cast lol. Let’s see how Jack Black does Bowser.

  6. Sarblade says:

    I never imagined Luigi with Charlie´s voice, but now I want it.

  7. HALF_BAKED_SAM V2.0 says:

    Imagine buying a Nintendo branded sega genesis controller, what time to be alive

    • Fearless Paladin says:

      No one would believe in that in the 90’s. Or playing Sega games on a Nintendo console.

    • Edward Forinstien says:

      It’s only so hard for you to believe because you are old and were alive when they hated eachother

    • Fearless Paladin says:

      @Edward Forinstien
      I said back then. Not now.
      Being a Gen Xer, and witness the Sega vs Nintendo war. But times change. Who knows, in the future, probably we will be playing Nintendo games in another consoles, lol.

  8. L0rd_of_cows says:

    “Hey-a Mario! The princess has invited us for a party! I hope it will be a peaceful day!”

    Always sunny theme starts playing as “Peach has been kidnapped” appears on screen

  9. Jaxson Worley says:

    Three things:
    1. Jack Black as Bowser is insane!
    2. We are getting our first open 3D Kirby game
    3. Bayonetta’s hair looks great.

  10. Kart92 says:

    Everyone imagine Bowser saying Skadoosh in Jack Blacks voice, he is truly the Kung Fu Koopa

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